Author of the Best-Selling Memoir Love, Life and Lucille Vows to Video Chat with Book Clubs

July 23, 2020 (Viz Release) - - The memoir, Love, Life and Lucille has captured the hearts of many readers, remaining on the Amazon best-sellers list in multiple categories every month since it's release. It's a story about the author, a third generation workaholic, and her friendship with with a centenarian, Lucille Fleming who lived just a few weeks shy of her 104th birthday.

Judy Gaman, the author, explains why Love, Life, and Lucille is such a perfect fit for book clubs, "This is the type of book that takes the members of a club and solidifies their friendship on a whole new level. People start talking about very deep and personal topics in a real and endearing way." The book covers everything from parental relationships, to Lyme disease, workaholism, family dynamics, and so much more. It proves that true friendship knows no age. And, in a world where the word 'friend' is thrown around so loosely, this memoir is a great reminder of the real meaning of the word. Judy feels so strongly about the power of this story and Lucille's wisdom, that she's working with book clubs around the world to provide discussion questions and a video chat session where members can chat with Judy, getting an even deeper experience.

Kirkus Reviews, a well-respected American book review magazine called Love, Life, and Lucille "Part Memoir, part tribute…Alternately witty and touching." It's this 'laugh one minute, cry the next' style that keeps Gaman's readers so engaged. It's also what keeps book clubs talking about it even after they're on to the next book.

"Our book club laughed and cried through Love, Life, and Lucille. This book demonstrated how we can learn from each other at any age and opened up many discussion topics: including respect for your fellow man, true friendship, and finding care through the end-of-life process. The author was genuine and vulnerable and we learned that it is never too late to find a friend who can truly change our life! We highly recommend Love, Life and Lucille for book clubs of all sizes. Non-readers are missing out!" said Ninfa Flewitt, Mineral Wells Book Club. The Mineral Wells Book Club, who gave this quote for the back of the book, was one of the first to read the book when it was still in the galley copy phase.

Gaman visited Flewitt's club in person and said, "The most striking thing about the meeting was how different people connected with different parts of the book. It opened up some incredible discussion and the members learned just as much about each other as they did about the book. That's when I realized the heart of this book's message really beats in a book club setting."

Gaman enjoys the discussion in book clubs immensely, so much so that she vows to visit the clubs that connect with her. "In a time where we're all feeling a bit disconnected, I'm thrilled to connect with readers and fans." Gaman goes on to say, "Many readers have voiced their desire to see this story up on the big screen. Hopefully that will happen, but as always, read the book first!" Contact information and a way to obtain discussion questions is listed below.

About: Judy Gaman is the CEO of Executive Medicine of Texas, as well as an award-winning speaker and and writer. After nearly a decade as a nationally-syndicated radio show host of The Staying Young Show, fans can now find her on the Stay Young America! podcast. Links for ordering the book and book clubs wishing to connect should visit her website.