Steadfast Tree Care Shows Homeowners How To Make The Most Of Their Tree Stumps

Ruther Glen, VA based Steadfast Tree Care recently published a blog post that explores the myriad ways in which a tree stump can be decorated to add colour to a home’s exterior environment. With a little creativity and work, the company asserts that a tree stump can be converted into a treasured feature of their readers’ homes and yards. Read the full post at the following link:

According to the post, “The area surrounding Studley, VA is peculiar in many ways. It is found in Hanover County, which is rich in historic sites. There are many interesting places you can visit.” The area, the post says, is known for important and picturesque locations, such as the Historic Polegreen Church Site and Totopotomoy Creek. The important takeaway for local homeowners, however, is that they can take advantage of a few novel ideas and their own creative expression to make their own homes just as wonderful to behold. The company states that this is just as true for properties that have had a tree removal service—the tree stump that remains should be considered an opportunity instead of an eyesore.

The first idea shared by Steadfast Tree Care is to use a tree stump to create candle holders. Given their earthy origins, candle holders made from tree stumps are unique items that grant a sense of warmth and comfort to any area they are placed in. Depending on how much of the stump’s original appearance is allowed to remain, candle holders of this nature can take a little piece of the texture of the outside world into any room they are used. This is also not to mention that wood is an excellent, durable material to create a wide variety of objects from. A candle holder made from such repurposed wood is sure to stand the test of time.

Thanks to this durability, many other items can be made as well, and Steadfast Tree Care reminds their readers that the wood from their tree stumps is suitable for creating items that need to withstand a lot of wear and tear as well. With this in mind, one of their suggestions is to create a bathroom stool. “Unlike the usual bathroom stools, a bathroom stool made from a tree stump certainly makes the bathroom more interesting,” says the company. They add, “This is especially true if the stool has a dark-colored finish while the bathroom is mostly in white or other light neutral colors.” Read more about trees and the company’s efforts to keep their community informed at the following link:

However, the company understands that not many will want to go to so much trouble, particularly if they are not personally good at crafts and carpentry or if they do not want to invest much money in it. Fortunately, they can simply use the stumps themselves, such as by grouping multiple stumps together in a prominent area to make them a feature of the garden. The same can be done indoors as well. Steadfast Tree Care’s post points out that, “Including beautiful tree stumps in both your indoor and outdoor areas will certainly transform your home’s look. You could consider turning them into some useful garden decor.”

However, there is a certain appeal to tree stump furniture that cannot be found anywhere else. Should it be at all possible, the company advises their readers to consider having their tree stumps converted into furniture in order to lend their home a more rustic charm.

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