South Carolina's Premier Magazine Reveals Trending Pool Design

South Carolina's Premier Home Builders Publication, LowCountry Home Magazine has revealed the newest pool design that is gaining the attention of the world.

Over the years, the vanishing edge and perimeter overflow pools have become quite popular as homeowners deal up their outdoor spaces. Both of these general terms are used to describe water-in-transit effects that attempt to blur the lines between pool construction and nature, as published in the monthly online magazine.

Yet nowadays, it is the perimeter overflows that charmed several homeowners.

Perimeter overflow can reference several effects–water flowing over the raised edge of the pool above the decking, water flowing over all sides while clinging to an exterior riser, or water flowing over the angled pool coping into a narrow slot on the back edge.

These are all techniques that custom pool builders are familiar with, but this pool's perimeter-overflow type is known as the Lautner knife-edge design, coined from American architect John Lautner. His pool design attempts to create the visual appearance that the pool is part of the ground surface.

The Best Modern Home Magazine in Bluffton, SC likewise states that Lautner knife-edge pool is one of the most challenging overflow pool designs to create. In this detail, water flows to the edge of the pool at the deck level and spills into a hidden slot just before the dry decking. It allows the water to be completely even with the decking–without angled, submerged coping.

Yet, the visual result is worth the challenge. When approaching the knife-edge perimeter-overflow pool, someone can look down into the pool to the full depth of water while their feet remain completely dry.

With its uniqueness, perimeter-overflow pools must also be designed and installed correctly and precisely. Thus, it is best to hire a knowledgeable pool builder, according to LowCountry Home Magazine. One company that is experienced with perimeter-overflow pools is Aqua Blue Pools. To know more about them, check their official website at

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