Roofing Contractor in High Point NC Is Now an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

Grace Roofing And Construction LLC, a roofing company High Point NC homeowners can go to, has announced with pride that they are now an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor. This means that they were able to meet the strict criteria set by Owens Corning. It also implies that the roofing experts at Grace Roofing are some of the most knowledgeable and capable construction professionals in the industry, who were able to demonstrate a complete range of skills needed to deliver a quality project.

Richard Sakowski, owner of Grace Roofing And Construction LLC, says, “We’re truly happy and proud to announce that we are now an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor after complying with the strict requirements of the manufacturer. Rest assured that this is part of our commitment to always use quality materials and offer excellent workmanship for roofing repairs, replacement, or installation.”

Roof Replacement High Point NC

He continues, “We are committed to using only premium, guaranteed materials from our trusted suppliers and manufacturers in the roofing industry. Being an Owens Corning Preferred Contractor and a CertainTeed Shingle Master company, we can offer our clients total peace of mind with their roof repairs, roof replacements, and total installations.”

There are a number of factors that make them stand out among the crowd as a roofing contractor at High Point, North Carolina. First, they are locally owned and operated, which means that they can easily be contacted and homeowners can be sure they will always be there. Those who want to know the exact location of their office and other important information can check out their Google Maps page at

They offer a complete suite of premium roofing services, both residential and commercial. These include roofing repair, installation, replacement, and guttering services. They also make sure to be transparent in their communication with their clients. And they also provide a 10-year workmanship warranty on all of their roofing installations.

Grace Roofing And Construction also provides metal roofing for residential homes at High Point. Metal roofing is a growing trend across the country and the number of homes with metal roofing is predicted to increase by up to 3 percent during the next five years. Many homeowners prefer metal roofing because of its great looks, durability, ease of maintenance, and beautiful metal roofing colors. Quality corrugated metal roofing may be a bit more expensive but this is because its paint is guaranteed. Its paint warranty ensures that it will never fade or oxidize. Also, the all-metal roofing colors are all energy star rated.

Grace Roofing And Construction also serves as a storm damage roofing company that provides a service to a home’s roof after severe weather. The company has a lot of experience in working with insurance companies whether the roof has been damaged by hail or strong winds, allowing the homeowner to get the home back to its original condition. This is because hail and damage to the roof will most likely be covered by homeowner’s insurance.

Grace Roofing And Construction is also a seamless gutter company that is fully insured and specializes in all aspects of gutter repair and installation. This is essential because improperly installed gutters can result into a number of problems. Gutters are supposed to route excess water from the roof away from the home. This is to prevent water from getting to the foundation when it rains, causing it to weaken and putting the house in danger.

Clogged gutters filled with leaves and other debris are also a danger to the home. When gutters overflow, the fascia board that supports the gutters may rot over time. Furthermore, gutters filled will leaves and other debris become too heavy and will gradually be pulled away from the fascia board. Such damaged and leaking gutters will not just be an eyesore but can also ruin the exterior of the home.

When needing roof repair High Point NC homeowners may want to check out the website of Grace Roofing And Construction LLC, or contact them on the telephone, or through email. They are open 24 hours a day, from Monday and Sunday.


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