Reviewimo Shares Best Car Wax Reviews

New York, NY based Reviewimo is reaching out to the wider community to share their top three choices for car wax products. The company provides unbiased reviews for a vast range of items, from consumer electronics to pool cues.

Mike Chrest of Reviewimo says, “It goes without saying that we all want our cars to maintain their value up until the time we want to sell them. Beyond this, we also want them to last a long time and look great while we use them. A good way to ensure that both of these priorities are fulfilled is to regularly wax your car. Not only will waxing protect the exterior of your vehicle, it will also keep it clean and make it shine. But then the next question is, what product do you wax your car with?”

According to Reviewimo, before one picks a car wax to use with their vehicle, they need to keep a few factors in mind. One important aspect to consider is the age of the vehicle. According to Reviewimo, an easy spray car wax is good enough for a 1-2 year old car, but anything older will require a more advanced car wax. Using higher quality waxes will do nothing to improve the shine of new cars, but these products can freshen up their appearance and ensure they remain clean. For older cars, however, higher quality car wax can both improve the shine and preserve quality.

Another factor to consider is the potential abrasion. Reviewimo explains that harsh chemicals and car wax tiny particles can leave fine scratches, which means that one must be cautious when buying products that score low in hazing and scratching tests. Abrasive waxes can make the clear-coated surfaces of a car look cloudy or hazy and mar the surface of the car with scratches. More information can be found at the following link:

All this being taken into account, Reviewimo suggests a few car waxes they consider the best overall. The first of these products is the Liquid Glass Polish LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish or Finish. On their website, Reviewimo writes, “Liquid Glass Polish LG-100 Ultimate Auto Polish is considered one of the car waxes with high customer rating in the 2017 survey. Notwithstanding the similarity of its features to auto wax, it is actually a sealant. This sealant can be easily applied and removed, leaving a glossy finish when applied well and deeply. It does not turn yellow or crack when it starts to wear out. Your car gets amazing results when you apply it in full sun. It also quickly bonds when done this way.”

They continue, “Compared to the other auto waxes and finishes, this sealant is less expensive. It actually leaves your vehicle with a glossy finish that stays for several months. You will be assured that no stains will be developed. It can even stay at the surface of your car for as much as 12 months. The sealant only guarantees satisfactory results based on its customer review ratings. It lasts for months on your car as well. However, the results will continue to get better when often applied. Well, you have to get one yourself to see how it offers results to your car.”

The second product Reviewimo suggests is Meguiar’s 16 Oz Ultimate Liquid car Wax. Reviewimo says, “Cost-effectiveness is the primary feature of Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax . This wax comes with an applicator pad and a microfiber towel for its best application. The polymers found in Meguia’s G18216 allow this sealant to come up with a mirror-like shine. The water forms beads of the vehicle paint when it’s rained on. The wax stays up to 6 months on the surface of your car. It gets a commendable rating of 4.7 stars following its over 120 customer reviews. Meguia’s G18216 car wax is made up of synthetic polymers to make sure that it provides your car with a mirror-like shine. It creates a cross-lining barrier on your vehicle’s paint that gives it a great shine overall.”

Reviewimo concludes that, “You may apply this wax in full sun even without tampering its results. Its long-lasting protection helps extend the durability of your vehicle. It also protects your car paint against water works. This wax is preferred by some because of its easy application, affordability, and water beading protection. It can even protect your vehicle from the harmful UV rays for as much as 6 months.”

On the Reviewimo website, the company goes through several more car wax products, comparing their advantages, disadvantages, prices and more. The full review can be found at the following link: Reviewimo Car Wax Reviews.

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