Newman Windows Carlsbad: How To Measure For Replacement Windows

Newman Window, a Carlsbad, California based window installation and replacement service, recently published an article titled ‘How to Measure for Replacement Windows.’ The article gives homeowners tips that can help them more accurately measure their window frames before purchasing replacements for broken windows. The Carlsbad company has been replacing and installing windows in the area for years, and the post contains some of the knowledge that these years of experience have produced.

Every year, thousands of homeowners across the country have to replace broken windows in their homes. Replacement is a relatively simple process, even if it is somewhat time consuming if one follows the right steps. When looking to measure replacement windows, one should make sure that they measure from the right location. “In the United States, most replacement windows come with a pre-built frame,” says the article. “This frame contains the sliding mechanism in a wood or metal frame. This entire frame will fit inside the opening for a window. When measuring, it’s important to check each corner of a window opening to make sure that the opening is square. In older homes, building materials like wood can often shift over time. This can cause a window opening to change shape. In some cases, the length on one side of a window opening will be slightly different than the length at the other side.”

One should also make sure that there is no sagging. Measuring the width of a window opening at the top, bottom and middle correctly can help prevent this. The length of a window opening should be measured on the right, middle and left and if there is more than a one inch variation across the length or width of a window opening, it may be impossible to install a frame without having to do some repairs.

The post has more detail on how to measure and install a window, and homeowners stand to learn a great deal by going through it. Results may vary, but the information laid out in the article can help one avoid making mistakes when replacing a window.

Newman places great emphasis on providing quality service, aiming to provide every client with what the company refers to as The Newman Signature Experience. “We take care of the details so you don’t have to,” says Newman. “From concept to completion and beyond, Newman Windows and Doors goes the extra mile to ensure you receive the best experience possible. Have questions? We welcome them! You deserve accurate information and full disclosure of all of the options available to you with honesty and candor. Our goal is to give homeowners affordability combined with quality products and service excellence for maximum value. We’re looking out for you every step of the way.”

Over half of the company’s business is made via referrals or return clients. Many of Newman Windows’ clients are so pleased with the service they receive each time they work with the company that they have left great reviews of the company online. Richard, one of the company’s clients, shares that they witnessed, “A professional and satisfactory job. We live in Rancho Carlsbad Park and had 10 windows replaced in an older home. We are extremely pleased with our new windows, and the fact that they had to come back twice because we were remodeling and they had to wait for us to finish some of the plastering, is a great benefit. Each time, we were treated very professionally and the installers were great. We highly recommend this company.”

Another client, Tony, says, “These workmen were very courteous and obviously highly skilled at their job. All the work, removal of the old doors/windows and installation of the new ones was completed in a single day, and we couldn’t be more happy with the entire project.”

Find out more about measuring for replacement windows in Newman Windows’ post. One can simply leave the work to the professionals, however, and contact Newman Windows Carlsbad to take care of it. The company has a team of highly qualified professionals who are ready and willing to help with the measurement and installation of doors and windows.


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