Moon and Owl Marketing Featured in Surfer SEO Case Study

Moon and Owl Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Fort Worth, Texas, has announced with pride that they have been featured in a Surfer SEO case study. In this particular article, Jordan Fowler, the founder and CEO of Moon and Owl Marketing, explains how their SEO services have changed after he discovered Surfer, the primary reasons why he prefers Surfer over other on-page SEO tools, and the results that his clients receive from the optimization process they provide with the help of Surfer.

Jordan Fowler relates his experience before he discovered Surfer, “I think I heard about Surfer for the first time in one of the mastermind-type Facebook groups I’m a part of. It was at a very early stage of the product, somewhere around November 2018. I knew the product was new, but I still wanted to give it a go. The user interface absolutely crushed what other tools from the category offered. This was the type of tool that humans can actually use. It's easy to put in the information and easy to get the output. As a comparison, it’s like the user experience difference between using Sitebulb for technical SEO audits. It definitely has superior UX/UI over the competitors.”

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Being one of the early adopters of Surfer, Jordan Fowler kept in constant touch with the Surfer team. Aside from being impressed by the Surfer user interface, he also noted that Surfer always did its best to be up to date and remain on the forefront. Currently, Surfer is their tool of choice for content optimization, including schema creation utilizing entity extraction via Google’s API. Those who would like to see the latest news from the digital marketing agency can check out their Press Advantage media room.

Through the addition of Surfer to their toolset, Jordan was able to expand his offer while maintaining the high quality of their services as required by their clients. He explains, “Surfer allows us to put two additional line items of services we provide our clients - blog template creation and tuning along with tuning existing pages. Both of these work for improved rankings and it creates another revenue stream for us just by having this software available. Before Surfer, we weren't doing page tuning as a regular part of the services as it has little economic sense for us. With Surfer’s affordable monthly costs, now it does.”

And based on the guidelines provided by Surfer, their clients often write for themselves. By providing the clients with a Surfer content template before they begin writing an article, clients are able to save a lot of time. And most of all, the optimization of pages with Surfer has allowed Moon and Owl Marketing to provide highly positive results for their clients. The impact of Surfer is that the clients of Moon and Owl Marketing stick to them because of great results.

For instance, one of their clients had done much of their own SEO work in the past. Moon and Owl Marketing found that most of the articles on the client’s site were a bit over-optimized. Thus, their task was to reduce the density and other elements. They also added important partial keywords and phrases that have been omitted. To resolve the over-optimization, they cut down on the over-used words and phrases.

The result was that while the client had initially only asked for Surfer page tunings, they requested for additional SEO services after the results from the fine-tuning of the pages caused their business to skyrocket. After the client’s articles were tuned at the rate of just three each month, they observed significant improvement in clicks and impressions after two months before other SEO services were added. The results showed that it is possible to get that perfect balance between effort and outcome. Although some clients may prefer more frequent tunings, even just a simple optimization can have substantial results.

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