Maple Grove Remodeling Contractor Offers Basement Refinishing Services to MN Homeowners

Maple Grove, Minnesota, based Uneek Design Build & Remodel, a full-service residential remodeling design firm, is pleased to offer their professional basement renovation and refinishing services to residents of Maple Grove and the surrounding areas.

Sarah Langva, a company spokesperson, states that Uneek Builders - Remodeling Contractor understand that a basement renovation can be a very taxing and troublesome project. However, there are actually a number of advantages that come with basement remodelling. These include getting an additional living space, a ‘mancave’ and an extra space to spend time with friends and family. More importantly, she points out that the added square footage of the basement increases the value of the property if the house will be put up for sale in the future.

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Langva says, “Imagine having those cold, grey concrete walls covered in painted drywall as well as turning those bare floors into something that is plush and warm with carpeting. Our goal is to transform your basement, that was once covered with boxes and miscellaneous items, into something beautiful and one of the best rooms in your home.”

The company states that they utilize a clear and precise planning method to ensure that each professional basement project will be finished in time and within the client’s budget. Langva also asserts that they have a strong commitment to the client’s vision and lifestyle, and they deliver each project according to the client’s design requirements. “We provide an open line of communication with our clients throughout the planning and construction process to ensure a smooth and stress free project,” she says.

As noted on the firm’s website, Uneek Design Build & Remodel divides every renovation project into four main phases. During the first phase, which is the initial consultation phase, the company’s design team meets with the homeowners to discuss the needs and wants of their family, their vision and design ideas and their financial constraints and budget. Meanwhile, during the second phase, Uneek Design Build & Remodel develops an initial plan of ideas, creates a comprehensive budget designed in the order of construction, schedules ideas for the project, proposes financial solutions to the clients and then has a retainer agreement signed between the company and the client.

During the third phase, the company’s team creates the overall interior design and starts making initial material recommendations. The company can also offer professional advice when it comes to choosing color, texture and even furnishings for interior and exterior layouts. This phase concludes with the design review meeting, where the company and the client will discuss the overall design and make final material and finish choices. Once a final design has been established, a comprehensive building contract will be fine-tuned so that both the homeowner and the contractor have complete clarity and understand all the building phases.

Finally, phase four begins once the contract is signed and all the black and white agreements are settled. During this phase, the company will seek to get all applicable building permits approved. Once these permits are approved, the project can then start shortly after. During construction, the project manager will provide the homeowners with frequent updates and engage them in any and all intermediate decisions.

Langva asserts that Uneek Design Build & Remodel works hard to maintain well developed relationships with both their clients and staff. She also states that the company strives to consistently provide a dependable service and ensure quality in all areas and phases of the whole construction process. Furthermore, the design company does their best to incorporate feedback and suggestions from their customers in order to further improve their craft.

Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to Uneek Design Build & Remodel, and this is reflected in the glowing reviews they receive from satisfied customers. In a 5-Star review, Denis A. Biagini says, “We were fortunate to not only find Derrick but also to fall into an opening in his schedule when we had an urgent need for doors and duct work framed so we could get the drywall crew started. Outstanding work. Could not have been more pleased.”

In another review, Sarah Schumacher says, “Working with Uneek was easy, and we love what they produced. They got to know us and what our likes and dislikes were. We are looking forward to future projects.”

As noted on the company’s website, Uneek Design Build & Remodel is a family-run residential remodeling firm that boasts an expert team of designers and in-house staff. The company is owned by Derrick Langva and his wife, Sarah Langva. Both husband and wife have extensive backgrounds in both design and construction, and they work together to provide services that are innovative, creative and maintain excellent quality.

Those interested may check out Uneek Design Build & Remodel - Maple Grove Renovation Contractor on the firm’s website. Similarly, social media users may connect with the company on their preferred platforms to stay abreast of their latest news and announcements.


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