Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc: Balloon Dog Bookends Now Available

Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc, a Vancouver, British Columbia based home and office decor manufacturer, is reaching out to the wider community to announce the sale of their Balloon Dog Bookends. The product can be found on Made By Humans 2 Designs’ website:

The Balloon Dog Bookends, which were designed by Natasha Ho, are sold as a set of two. They are made from metal L-stands with solid resin sausage dogs attached to them. Measuring 9.25” by 4.5” by 8.5”, the Balloon Dog Bookends fit snugly into almost all bookshelves. Together, both pieces of the set weigh only 4.75 lbs.

Freddie Boersma of Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc says, “Everyone loves balloon animals, and I think I wouldn’t be wrong in saying that balloon dogs are easily one of the most popular balloon animals. The problem with actual balloon dogs is that they never last for long. The balloons eventually burst, and you’ve got nothing remaining. With our new product, the Balloon Dog Bookends, the balloon animal lover in you can have a permanent display of two adorable balloon dogs decorating your house. The best part, of course, is that they serve a dual purpose and will also help you organize your book collection in a neat manner.”

He adds, “If you don’t want the balloon dog bookends for yourself, you can give them to a friend who is a bibliophile. After all, you know how difficult it can be to find a gift for a booklover. You don’t know what book they’ll like and what they won’t. Instead of going through all that trouble, you can just buy them a set of our Balloon Dog Bookends as a thoughtful present! Whether they are used on a bedside table, shelving unit or desk, we can guarantee that these two red sausage dogs won’t fail to put a smile on anyone’s face.”

Made By Humans started operating in the early 1990s. More than two decades later, fueled by the will to commemorate the company’s founder and honor his legacy, Made By Humans is now Made By Humans 2.0. They are led by a passionate and equally quirky team of two, Freddie and Tanya. The company has long been a top choice among shoppers looking for fun office accessories and intriguing gift items.

Boersma says, “At Made by Humans, we have always had a few guiding philosophies. We want to push the boundaries of design and creativity—and discover playful new ways to fuse form and function. We want to create products that are memorable and fun to look at, for everyone, from modern art lovers to little kids. I think that creating products that can evoke childhood memories is at the core of everything we do at our company.”

The company is proud to say that both Freddie and Tanya are personally involved in every step of the product creation process. This includes everything from the ideation and concept phase to the final design and production stage, all the way to the moment their customers get one of Made by Humans’ items in their hands. The company also takes a lot of pride in using ethically conscious processes and high-quality materials. Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc states that “People Over Business” is the approach they take when they consider new designs and products.

“When you shop with us, you’re not just buying a beautiful decorative piece to adorn your modern home,” says Boersma. “You’re not getting your niece or nephew just another shiny, cute piggy bank they will love to show off either. Instead, you make a statement with an item that perfectly pairs with your unique, one-of-a-kind personality and your multiple interests. Further, by purchasing our products and supporting Made By Humans, you are helping us to continue doing what we love best: creating beautiful, fun and unique products that add a pop of color to any room and give you and your loved ones a reason to smile, every time. We hope you enjoy our creations!”

Those who want to learn more about Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc and their products are welcome to visit the company's website. They encourage interested parties to get in touch with Freddie Boersma directly via email or phone. The company can also be reached through the contact form on their website. Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc maintains a presence on Facebook where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their customers.


For more information about Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc, contact the company here:

Made By Humans 2 Designs, Inc
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1628 West 75th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6P 6G2