Los Angeles DUI Lawyers Discuss the Two Main DUI Charges and How to Favorably Litigate Them

Los Angeles DUI Lawyer, an experienced drunk driving lawyer Los Angeles, wants people to be aware of the two main types of drunk driving convictions. They also want those who stand accused of these types of charges to know that they have legal rights and there are ways to successfully fight them. Those at this reputable firm say that anyone faced with a DUI charge in Los Angeles is best served by retaining the services of an experienced DUI lawyer right away.

A representative of the firm says, “There may be no laws in California that are harder to understand than those concerning DUI charges. The convictions that go along with these charges are often very severe too and can be life-altering. If one happens to lose their driving privileges as a result of a DUI conviction, everything from getting to work to shopping for necessities now becomes a challenge. That’s why anyone who is faced with these types of charges needs to find and an experienced and reliable DUI lawyer in Los Angeles such as us to help them fight their case. Although DUI laws in Los Angeles are tough, those who stand accused of breaking them are still innocent until proven guilty. Our legal team will use the many years of DUI litigation experience that we have to make sure the events leading up to a DUI charge have been done in a 100% procedurally correct way as the prosecution tries to prove their case.”

According to the firm’s representative, one of the main charges that relate to DUI offenses is what is known as ‘driving while impaired’. It’s a law that bars a person from driving or controlling a vehicle while their abilities to do so are prejudiced by the influence of drugs or alcohol. The representative stated that this is a charge that those at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer handle on a regular basis and have the experience to bring to a favorable conclusion for their clients.

The representative also acknowledged that they are very experienced when it comes to helping their clients navigate through the legal minefield of what is known as an over 80 charge Los Angeles. An 80 DUI charge results from a situation where the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the person who is driving or in control of a vehicle is over 80mg per 100ml of blood. He says most people are not aware that this is one of the most litigated criminal charges in Los Angeles, California. That’s because establishing proof of this offense by the prosecution rests heavily on the observations of the investigating officer as well as eyewitnesses and tests. Although an over 80 DUI charge is somewhat related to a driving while impaired charge, he also mentioned that it’s litigated differently because of the specifics of it.

Both of these main DUI charges can bring with them the possibility of substantial penalties if the accused is found guilty. The representative of the firm says that this may include criminal penalties, heavy fines, and the loss of driving privileges. As far as the ways that the legal team at Los Angeles DUI Lawyer defends someone from these two charges, there are several different approaches that they take. The firm’s representative stated that this includes such steps as questioning the validity of field sobriety and breath tests. He says that their legal team will also look at such things as the possibility of the malfunctioning of the testing instrument and outside factors that can cause a test instrument to display an inaccurate reading. According to the firm’s representative, there is a long list of potential defenses that their legal team is fully prepared to use to prove their client’s innocence when charged with either of these main DUI offenses.

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