Expert Naperville Contractor Available For Windows And Doors

Naperville, IL based Naperville Roofing & Construction is pleased to share that their services will continue to be available over the coming months, especially for projects related to windows and doors. Given the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and the possibility of another lockdown taking place in the future, the company wishes to reassure their community that they will always be ready and willing to provide their services.

According to Naperville Roofing & Construction, the spring and summer seasons are the best times of the year in which to get any necessary repairs or pending projects seen to. Coinciding with good weather and multiple holidays, these seasons present an opportunity for every homeowner to ensure that their beloved home is in good condition. While the company is able to take on a wide variety of construction projects, including roofing, porches, decks, awnings and even home additions, they assert that their customers should be careful not to let their windows and doors go overlooked. On the other hand, should customers wish to have a brand new set of windows and doors installed in order to help refurbish their home, the company is more than willing to lend their assistance there as well.

Naperville windows and doors can be among the most highly trafficked areas in the house,” states the company. “That’s not to say people regularly enter or exit their homes via the windows, just that many residents like to leave their homes open to any passing breeze and the chance to bring in fresh air. Similarly, even if no one has left the house in a while due to the pandemic, chances are that you will still be opening the doors multiple times a day to accept packages, use your garden and so on. All of this still produces wear and tear that can contribute to the deterioration of your windows and doors.”

In addition, Naperville Roofing & Construction understands that many homeowners may have put off getting essential repairs done earlier in the year due to instability in the economy or other factors brought about by the pandemic. Should they be in a better position to have these repairs done now, the company emphasises that it is currently the best time for them to do so. “You may have noticed a weak or broken hinge and figured you’d leave it for later,” says the company. “If you have the means to fix it, however, it is now the right time to have it repaired by a professional.”

Small defects in windows and doors, particularly where the hinges are concerned, tend to rapidly get worse over time due to how often they are used. If such a problem goes untended for long enough, the company warns that it could lead to much more expensive repairs down the line. As such, they urge their community to carefully consider whether they need to slot a window or door repair into their budget sooner rather than later.

Customers who want their windows or doors replaced in their entirety (or are finishing up construction of a new home) are welcome to reach out to Naperville Roofing & Construction as well. The company’s experience in the industry allows them to carry out window and door installations with professional acumen, and the other construction services they offer are likely to benefit their customers as well. They are able to install casement windows, single hung windows, double sliding windows and so on. Similarly, customers may call upon the company to install French doors, panel doors, storm doors and more.

Notably, the company’s status as an essential service has led them to take the pandemic and its associated safe social distancing guidelines into account as they work. Since they prioritize the safety of both their customers and their employees, the company is following all government and CDC guidelines regarding disinfection and the reduction of transmission risk. They request that customers take similar precautions to protect all parties involved as well, such as calling the company’s office to reschedule in the event they experience any known symptoms of COVID-19.

More information regarding the company’s various services and availability can be found on their website. Additionally, customers may reach out to James Kucharz of Naperville Roofing & Construction in order to follow up on any further inquiries.


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