Beltone USA, an Ear Care Center in Peachtree, GA, is Announcing the Launch of a New Website

Peachtree, GA – Beltone USA is one of the nation’s top hearing care retailers. The company has over 1,500 locations within North America, including a local ear care center in Peachtree, GA. The well-known brand is proud to announce the launch of a new shopping website for its customers: The COVID-19 pandemic has been the driving force behind the creation and launch of the new site. The online store will offer hearing care accessories in a variety of choices. The items will include general cleaning products, care products, remotes, hearing aid batteries, and TV streaming devices. The items are being offered online to help customers who need or want to limit social interactions to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The Beltone brand is among the only hearing care retailer providing trusted online services and options for customers to buy direct-from-manufacturer hearing care solutions. Due to so many of Beltone USA customers needing alternative ways to purchase essential hearing supplies, the site was created to meet the customers’ need of shopping safely from home.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic is clearly shaping new behaviors,” says Beltone President Mike Halloran. “Especially among older consumers who are becoming more comfortable shopping online and who happen to be the majority of the patients we serve. We’ve built this site for them because they are asking for it.”

The new online supply store will start by selling accessories and Beltone Supplies. Customers will still need to come in store for hearing aid fittings and purchases. For customers needing to meet with a hearing specialist in Peachtree, GA after the initial fitting and purchase they will be able to do so via Beltone Remote Care Live. This service allows customers to consult with hearing care specialists via video for real-time hearing aid adjustments. All telehealth appointments can be made online at or via the new online supply store. For more information hearing care at the Peachtree local give them a call at (770) 487-9030 or visit them online at

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