Beltone USA, a Hearing Physician in Marietta, GA, Launches New Online Store

Marietta, GA – Beltone USA - Marietta, a hearing physician in Marietta, GA, and one of the nation’s most prominent hearing care retailers has launched their new online store: The creation of the online shop is driven by the unprecedented conditions of the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Beltone USA has more than 1,500 locations within North America and is proud to be extending its online options for those they serve. The online store will offer a huge variety of accessories to patience with hearing care needs. The items will include TV streaming devices, remotes, charging devices, and general care and cleaning products. The online store is a way to help patience concerned with COVID-19, allowing them an online outlet for ear care needs.

Beltone USA - Marietta is proud to currently be the only major hearing care brand providing online solutions to its thousands of patients around the country. The online resource will even provide options for customers who do not have direct access to a physical Beltone location. The online shop site was developed in direct response to help hearing aid patients needing alternative ways to access essential accessories and supplies within the comfort and safety or their own home.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic is clearly shaping new behaviors,” says Beltone Corporate President Mike Halloran. “Especially among older consumers who are becoming more comfortable shopping online and who happen to be the majority of the patients we serve. We’ve built this site for them because they are asking for it.”

The online Beltone store will start by providing only accessories and supplies online. Beltone hearing aids in Marietta, GA will still require patients to come to a physical location for fitting and purchase. After the purchase of hearing aids, patients can have a video consultation with their hearing care professional using Belton Remote Care Live. Patients will be able to adjust their hearing aids in real-time from the comfort and safety of their own homes. All telehealth appointments can be made online at the new Beltone store or at For more information about hearing care or hearing aids at the Marietta location give them a call at (770) 919-8324 or visit them online at

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