Beltone a Hearing Aid Store in Douglasville, GA Launches Online Store

America’s ‘Most Trusted’ hearing care retailer opens an online store in wake of COVID-19 pandemic to support patients from anywhere.

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Douglasville, GA - Beltone USA is a respected hearing aid store in Douglasville, GA, and one location among the nation’s top hearing care brand. The brand includes more than 1,500 locations across the North American region. Beltone recently announced the launch of a new website: The new site is an online store opening as a direct response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fresh new online store offers a vast variety of hearing care attachments, which include remotes, batteries, charging devices, and TV streaming devices and general ear care cleaning products. The online store also offers a large array of care products to support any patients looking to limit their social interactions, to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Beltone is currently the only large hearing care merchant providing an online service experience to its consumers. Beltone is a dependable source of authentic and direct-from-manufacturer solutions for clients across the country. Even in areas without a local Beltone the company has still been able to provide care to those with hearing needs. The new Beltone shopping site was created as a response to the great need for hearing aid patients to have a secondary way to get essential hearing necessities and accessories from a local hearing center in Douglasville, GA without leaving their home, and putting their safety at risk.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic is clearly shaping new behaviors,” says Beltone President Mike Halloran. “Especially among older consumers who are becoming more comfortable shopping online and who happen to be the majority of the patients we serve. We’ve built this site for them because they are asking for it.”

Not surprisingly, website traffic for has doubled since the onset of COVID-19, as an increased number of seniors across the country are having to result to online shopping due to safety concerns and stay-at-home measures in place by local officials. The Beltone Foundation offered free batteries amid the pandemic with more than 7,000 people filling out online forms to redeem the offer.

The Beltone online store will start out by online selling accessories and supplies at first. For the time being, Beltone hearing aids will still be fitted and bought at the physical store location, such as the location in Douglasville. However, after hearing aids are purchased by the customer, Beltone Remote Care Live will give all patients the ability to video call their hearing care professional. The remote care option will also provide patients with the ability to make hearing aids changes and adjustments in real time, without having to jeopardize their health by leaving home. Telehealth appointments can be made using the new online store and/or For more information about Beltone Douglasville call them at (770) 577-2360 or visit them online at


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