Bankruptcy Lawyers in Pensacola are Now Offering Telephonic Appointments amid Pandemic

Pensacola, Fla.- Martin Lewis and Steve Jurnovoy, bankruptcy lawyers in Pensacola, FL, are now offering telephonic appointments to offer ample support to their clients as they continue to social distance.

The team of specialized lawyers, who strive to serve their community as best they can, Martin Lewis and Steve Jurnovoy are offering to hold appointments via the telephone to provide clients with the assistance they need while erasing unnecessary contact. When it comes to filing for bankruptcy, the situation must be thoroughly examined and evaluated by a professional. This can be difficult to accomplish during this time of social distancing, but Martin Lewis and Steve Jurnovoy are committed to making the process as simple as possible. With telephonic appointments, clients can receive not only a safe time of discussion but also an efficient time of discussion because there is no travel time involved.

Lewis and Jurnovoy seek to represent individuals and sole proprietors in Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy– debt consolidation and straight bankruptcy, respectively. When times get tough and paying bills on time while simultaneously protecting assets becomes seemingly impossible, Lewis and Jurnovoy want to help. They strive to inform the general public of the options available when financial distress occurs.

As the current pandemic has put many people in tricky financial situations, some may need to consider filing for bankruptcy in Pensacola, FL. Lewis and Jurnovoy are eager to be of assistance and to watch people get back on the road to financial success. They believe that offering appointments over the phone will be an asset to those seeking help, as well as create a safe and convenient experience for everyone involved.

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