Among the Benefits of Press Releases, Being in the News Excites Business Owners

Your SEO Secret, based in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, has revealed that among the many benefits of press releases, the idea of being in the news really excites business owners of all ages. The company offers press release services to web design agencies (WDA) and web development companies (WDC). They explain that among the many benefits of their PR services, what business owners of all ages find exciting is the idea of “seeing their name in the lights,” which can be a bit intoxicating. But there are actually three major advantages of using press releases: lead generation; name recognition and establishment of authority; and SEO benefits.

And in addition to PR services, also offers various SEO services. This include business directory citation, Google Maps / Google My Business ranking, paid search, content marketing, and search engine optimization. Clients can also take advantage of the expertise of the Your SEO Secret team in creating a customized web strategy. This includes a long-term strategic plan on how to establish and maintain an online presence that jives with the business’ development strategy.

Will Kenderdine, a spokesperson for Your SEO Secret says, “We are a digital marketing agency that provides PR services. But we also offer web strategy and planning, software prototyping, web design, web development, and usability testing. For online businesses, take note that our press release services can help in establishing authority and name recognition. This is to be expected because the client’s name and business get mentioned in the release and these are distributed to various high authority sites. And it has been our experience that business owners feel excited to be mentioned in the news.”

Lead generation is, of course, an essential benefit of press releases because it has the potential of increasing the business’ number of customers. People who may be interested in the product or service of the business usually read the news, which means there is a strong chance that they will read the press releases regarding the company and its products or services. The impact of a press release campaign will become more intense the longer it goes on because the number of potential customers who get to know the company and its services will increase as time goes by.

Meanwhile, in addition to the PR campaigns, Your SEO Secret can also help businesses with web development, which involves the creation of an online site. Web development includes a number of important tasks, such as web content development, web design, web engineering, client liaison, client-side/server-side scripting, e-Commerce development, and web server and network security configuration. Relevant insights to rapid website success are listed in this recent press release from the strategists at Your SEO Secret.

Web development usually includes the creation of a content management system (CMS). This CMS may need to be developed from the ground up, using open source or proprietary codes. It will be serving as the middleware between the user of the site and its database. An important advantage of the CMS is that even non-technical people would be able to easily alter certain content on the website.

Your SEO Secret can also help in the development of an appropriate web strategy for a particular business. This will be customized to provide the best fit for the business’ immediate needs, maturity, and long-term targets. This web strategy will have three main parts: the business, the user, and the tools. It will take into account vital topics such as how to measure the return of investment on their marketing expenses; how to align the business’ website to its corporate targets; how to spend the business’ marketing resources; what customers think about the online site; what future technologies need to be investigated for possible use in the future; and how to prioritize projects.

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