Safe Pools Australia, a VBA-approved Inspector Offers Professional Swimming Pool Inspections Services in Malvern, VIC

Malvern, VIC - Over the past decade, the state of Victoria has recorded a large number of catastrophic swimming pool accidents each year, with victims under the age of 5. These accidents prompted the government to require owners of residential swimming pools and shared communities to strengthen safety measures in the pool or spa area. As of December 2019, the government mandated that all swimming pools and spas for residential use undergo a thorough inspection to determine compliance with required safety standards. This is a measure that seeks to prevent these fatal events. The inspection must be carried out by VBA-approved inspectors, as the VBA is the only authority that can issue a pool safety certificate.

Ever since the measure was put in place, Safe Pools Australia has provided inspection services, ensuring that its clients meet the requirements to obtain the safety certificate. The company has also been helping raise awareness in its community regarding the importance of having safe, child-friendly pools and spa areas by educating residents on everything they need to know about pool fencing laws.

Safe Pools Australia pool inspectors are fully insured and certified pool safety inspectors dedicated to providing detailed solutions to residential clients across Melbourne and Victoria. Its team consists of fully licensed specialists who use their extensive experience to develop comprehensive, cost-effective, and efficient inspection services. The company has designed a simplified 5-step process that allows homeowners to obtain their safety certificate easily and in the shortest possible time.

Safe Pools Australia a Malvern swimming pool inspections business is a proud member of reputable organizations such as the Australia Swimming Pool & Spa Association-SPASA and Kidsafe. It is also a fully licensed inspector with the Victorian Building Authority, which is the authority that takes care of issuing the Swimming Pool & Spa Barrier Compliance Certificate.

The Swimming Pool and Spa Barrier Compliance Certificate must be carried by all owners of permanent, portable, and relocatable pools and spas, including those with in-ground pools and spas, above ground pools and spas, inflatable pools capable of holding water deeper than 300mm (30cm), indoor pools and spas, wading pools capable of holding more than 300mm (30cm) of water, etc. Safe Pools Australia specialists are also available to answer questions regarding pool barriers.

Pool and spa owners looking for professional swimming pool inspections near Malvern can schedule an inspection by visiting the website of Safe Pools Australia and following their simple procedure. They can also contact the company's specialists by calling 0398637154. Safe Pools Australia is located on Ground Floor, Toorak Corporate, 23 Milton Parade, Malvern, Victoria, 3144. For additional information regarding their services or to request a quote, visit the company's website.