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Portland, OR - Truck drivers and truck companies are held to very stringent and specific rules not applicable to civilian motorists. Injuries and losses from truck involved crashes are generally much more serious than most car collisions. And not long after a truck crash, critical evidence may begin to degrade or even disappear. Trucking companies know this and take steps to protect themselves. You should too! That's why Rizk Law now designates its new location at 424 South Iowa Street specifically to protect and provide legal services and guidance people hurt in truck injury incidents and families after a truck collision fatalit .

Practicing truck accident attorneys at Rizk Law review the accident during a free legal consultation, prove the negligence involved in the truck accident, and conduct extensive investigations to establish the full value of a client's damages in and out of court. Since 2017, truck collision and accident statistics continue to show alarming rates of injuries and fatalities in Oregon. For this reason, Rizk Law Truck Accident Lawyers are ready to represent clients that suffer injuries due to speeding, distracted driving, failing to remain in a lane, improperly changing lanes/turning, following too close to other vehicles, disregarding signs, fatigue, or tire failure.

The truck accident attorneys at Rizk Law pursue negligent parties who caused rollover accidents, underride collisions, tire blowouts, head-on collisions, rear-end accidents, air brake accidents, and lost load accidents. These accidents are commonly caused by semi-trucks, 18-wheeler trucks, road trains, tanker trucks, garbage trucks, cement mixers, and dump trucks. While it can be difficult to discover the source of negligence in an accident, the attorneys have a keen eye for details. They're trained to recreate/reconstruct the scene of an accident, understand the detailed accident reports, interview witnesses, and find the missing pieces in evidence.

According to Rizk Law, the value of a client's case is based on the cost of the economic and non-economic damages they suffered in an accident. The economic damages have a specific value assigned to them and can be proven with documentation including, medical bills, cost of household services, lost wages/earning capacity, and property damage. On the other hand, non-economic damages such as loss of companionship, pain/suffering, emotional trauma, and interference with normal/usual activities don't have a specific monetary value attached to them.

Richard Rizk, the founder of Rizk Law - Truck Accident Attorneys, has been instrumental in resolving insurance claims on a local and national level for decades. His extensive experience and passion for personal injury law give him deep insight into the operations of insurance companies when it comes to assessing damages and injuries. Richard Rizk currently leads a team of attorneys and legal staff who understand the trucking regulations on the state and federal level to help truck accident victims move on with their lives.

Rizk Law is opening a new branch that focuses on truck accidents cases located at 424 S Iowa St, Portland, OR, 97239, US. To schedule a free legal consultation, call (503) 831-9856 or visit their website to learn more about truck accident claims in Portland.

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