QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) Offers Regenerative Medicine Solutions In Louisville, KY

QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) Services Louisville, KY

Louisville, KY - Joint discomfort can have an impact on all aspects of one's life. Fortunately, with QC Kinetix (Springs Medical), non-invasive solutions are available. Patients are advised to bring diagnostic study films or reports while visiting QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) so therapists can evaluate the findings without repeating any tests unnecessarily. They are always eager to offer a second opinion on a case or to assist patients in determining whether or not they are eligible for any of their services.

Regenerative medicine aids in healing and repairing the body. Regenerative medicine, unlike surgical procedures, does not require any downtime. Patients who receive regenerative treatments can return to their normal lives immediately. Regenerative treatments could be the best solution for those looking to manage joint discomfort without invasive procedures.

In the United States, QC Kinetix is the leading Regenerative Medicine Group and provides various treatments, including knee replacement alternatives. The group has found that regenerative treatments are both safe and effective when used locally for musculoskeletal injections in and around joints and soft tissues. This has also been proven in numerous medical studies.

The team aims to help as many people as possible improve their quality of life by using natural therapeutic alternatives to manage musculoskeletal pain and injuries, ultimately reducing or eliminating the need for surgery. They use advanced natural QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) regenerative medicine to help reduce inflammation and repair damaged or deteriorated tissues. Their patient experience is unrivaled throughout the treatment.

"The global regenerative medicine market is exploding, and QC Kinetix is differentiating itself by providing a high level of care and service to patients in a concierge setting. It is also the only regenerative medicine clinic offering a franchise opportunity to business owners who want to be part of the burgeoning medical specialty." Said one of QC Kinetix's (Springs Medical) representatives.

The QC Kinetix (Springs Medical) staff handles patients with the utmost respect and courtesy and thoroughly informs patients about their disease, treatment options, and whether or not they are a good candidate for any of their therapies. The therapists aim to help patients reclaim their ability to enjoy life in ways they previously couldn't. Also, the facility is proud to be partnered with Pro Football Legend and Dancing with the Stars Champion Emmitt Smith to introduce one of the fastest-growing medical specialties to people in need of regenerative medicine.

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To learn more about QC Kinetix (Springs Medical), visit their clinic at 6420 Dutchman Parkway, Ste 375, Louisville, KY, 40205, USA. Contact them via phone at (502) 219-4636. For more information, visit their website.