QC Kinetix (Naples) Offers Exclusive Regenerative Medicine in Naples, FL

Naples, FL: QC Kinetix (Naples) offers regenerative medicine as an alternative medical option to long-term reliance on steroid medications and anti-inflammatories. The center also provides alternative medical interventions to patients dissatisfied with limited options, such as orthopedic surgery. In addition, the center is home to qualified, passionate, and experienced medical professionals.

One of the services offered by the QC Kinetix (Naples) is musculoskeletal and joint pain relief. Whether the patient has lower back pain, sports-related injuries, or tendonitis pain, the clinic uses regenerative medicine to ease the pain. Unlike taking painkillers to reduce symptoms, orthopedic doctors examine the patient and select an alternative therapy that heightens the patient's natural healing capability. As a result, they recover faster and with reduced inflammation. Besides avoiding surgery to recorrect bone-related pain, therapy is the best option to move away from painkillers.

Besides non-sport musculoskeletal pains, the clinic offers therapies for patients to overcome arthritis pain. Whether the patient has osteoarthritis (OA) as a result of aging or rheumatoid arthritis (RA) due to changes in immunity, the clinic offers QC Kinetix (Naples) regenerative medicine. Depending on the pain and the cause, the doctor may recommend different therapies. In most cases, the clinic may recommend biologic regenerative injections and supporting treatments such as knee braces.

The clinic also offers regenerative treatment for patients playing sports. While it has many alternative therapy options, they all stimulate quick natural healing and promote tissue repair and growth. The remedies also help in reducing pain, helping the patient get back to playing their favorite sport. Patients do not need surgery or to take strong painkillers to heal from injuries, thanks to regenerative and biological therapies.

The center also has knee replacement alternatives. If the patient is experiencing knee pain or popping/cracking, they can get the needed medical assistance from the QC Kinetix (Naples). The clinic also treats knee pain due to arthritis. Like other medications, the doctor uses therapy to stimulate the body to heal. Aside from the normal basic knee pain and other complications brought by diseases, the clinic treats injury-related knee pains. It has experience in treating meniscus, torn ACL, LCL, and MCL. Unlike most medical interventions that recommend painkillers to eliminate or reduce pain, the doctors offer an alternative therapy for maximum results.

QC Kinetix offers a free consultation to all patients before starting the treatment. The patients begin by filling out the form on the website. Alternatively, they can call the practice's official number to request free consultation details or book an appointment. Besides the consultation being a standard procedure and allowing the specialist to create a personalized treatment approach, the 30 minutes to one-hour meeting evaluates whether the patient needs the services or not. If the patient is a candidate for regenerative medicine, the specialist advises them on the best steps.

Interested patients can call the practice at (239) 893-7246 to talk to the team. The offices are at 875 109th Ave, Suite 301, Naples, FL, 34108. Check the website for more information.