Movement 101 is a Top Rated Physiotherapist in Marrickville, NSW

Marrickville, NSW - Movement 101 is a renowned sports clinic in Marrickville, NSW, offering a range of advanced physiotherapy techniques to help people of all ages effectively treat their chronic pain or injuries. This prestigious practice was established in 2019 and is represented by a leadership team of fully licensed physiotherapists with many years of hands-on experience in the leading physiotherapy techniques.

Since its inception, the clinic has gained wide acceptance in its community because of its effort to maintain the highest standards of quality. Its dedication goes beyond offering excellent services, and also aims to promote a better overall quality of living for its patients by educating them and providing resources that are tailored to their needs.

Whether patients visit the clinic seeking relief for back pain or recurring headaches, this practice has vast experience providing physiotherapeutic services. Some of the conditions addressed include disc injuries, back, spine, or neck pain, lack of movement, or lack of strength, traumatic injuries, ongoing headaches, recovering from surgery, whiplash and other vehicle injuries, etc. Their treatments have been designed to relieve pain, improve movement, speed up recovery and help build fitness and strength.

"Movement 101 uses a range of advanced physiotherapy techniques to get results clients can feel from their very first appointment. Be it physiotherapy for back pain, knee physiotherapy, or spine physiotherapy, the treatments are designed to enhance clients' health. Depending on their needs, the office often combines physio with massage, Marrickville pilates, and other exercise programs to achieve the very best possible results." Said the representative for Movement 101 regarding their treatments and their client-oriented approach.

Each treatment starts with a 3-step physiotherapy assessment that looks to identify the source of the problem. This assessment enables the team to create a tailored plan and provide clients with the treatment to get them moving in the right direction with expert hands-on physio treatment, therapeutic exercise, and stretches.

In addition to premier physiotherapy treatments, Movement 101 has vast experience in other specialties such as podiatric treatments for individuals with plantar fasciitis, forefoot injuries, turf toe & plate injury, Achilles tendinopathy, chronic knee pain, skin injuries, nail injuries, etc. Likewise, the clinic is also an expert in occupational therapy and exercise physiology.

Furthermore, this clinic is proud to have a state-of-the-art Pilates studio with expert instructors taking care of their clients' needs. Other services such as remedial massages and NDIS Physio recovery services are also available at Movement 101.

For premier podiatric treatments, contact Movement 101 podiatrist via phone at 02 9518 1585. This clinic is located at Shop 2/198 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, NSW 2204. For additional information regarding their services or to book an appointment, visit the clinic's website.