How the Design Specialists at Overall Renovation Home Remodeling in Manhattan, NYC can Help Transform your Home and Space

About Overall Renovation Specialists

The trusted home remodeling contractors have been operating for the last 12 years with a team that is well-versed with the local regulations. Their staff also have the aptitude to get the projects completed on time. The company works with the best local vendors to source the highest quality construction materials. All projects are thoroughly vetted to see to it that they meet the client's expectations. An expert craftsman is at hand to give the projects a personal touch.

Project timelines cover introduction, project walkthrough, project estimate, project vision, final walkthrough, and much more. Overall Renovation premium quality services are achieved through fine craftsmanship and strict attention to detail. Clients enjoy a 1-year warranty on workmanship, and homeowners can visit the company website to view their detailed projects portfolio. The full-service building contractor is owned and managed by Miri Levi.

Overall Renovation Services

The general contractor offers home remodeling, installation, and repair services. Their renovation services cover home, apartment, bathroom, kitchen renovation, painting, and wood flooring services. As one of the most trusted Overall Renovation home remodeling companies, they have made it easy for homeowners to complete a makeover. The service aims to transform the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, and everything else that requires reworking.

The choice of Overall Renovation is compelling for many homeowners since the company offers a strong team with an impeccable record, no hidden fees, 100% customer satisfaction, and 24/7 service. Charges assessed on all services carry no hidden fees so that clients can expect accurate quotes and a hassle-free experience. The renovation experts operate 24/7 to cover all emergencies and the team also has the right tools and expertise to cover even the most complex renovation projects.

Overall Renovation apartment remodels are aimed at creating hot properties for the rental market. Clients who have lost tenants can request apartment renovation to avoid missing out on income stream and the real estate boom in New York. For kitchen renovations, clients get an opportunity to enjoy new and resurfaced cabinets, open concept design, enhance kitchen space, designs that blend functionality with style, and much more.

Contact Overall Renovation

Overall Renovation offices are stationed at 193 Spring Street, Suite B, New York, NY Zip Code 10012. For a free estimate, call (888) 672-1373 or visit their website. Homeowners in NYC will be happy to know that Overall Renovation services are customized to fit every budget. Project assessment begins with a walkthrough of the job site and a discussion of the goals. The team always works to ensure the project is complete in the most cost-effective way.