Greenville Family Dentistry, a Premier Greer Dentist, is announcing a Grand Re-Opening of its Offices

Greenville Family Dentistry, Greer's Premier Dentist

Greer, SC - There have been many advancements in dentistry in the past two decades including, better communication, advanced technology, device improvement, and even patient management software. While in the past most dentists focused on reacting to the oral health problems of their patients, today, they take a more proactive approach. This means that they spend a lot of time educating their patients on preventive measures regarding their teeth, periodontal diseases, how to strengthen teeth, and lifestyle choices to avoid, which significantly reduces dental emergencies.

Even with the advantageous dental advancements, patients still find it scary to visit a dentist, especially when they require extensive dental care, surgery, or implants. To ease the anxiety of the residents of Greer is Greenville Family Dentistry, a practice that operates on the belief that a visit to the dentist should be focused on the patients and their families. Whether they are interested in perfecting their smiles, sleeping better, or ensuring that their oral health is well cared for, they can rely on the practice for long-term solutions.

Greenville Family Dentistry is run by Dr. Roger Harris, a well-trained, highly qualified, and experienced family and sedation dentist in Greenville and the surrounding areas. He has practiced dentistry for more than a decade, drawing motivation from his family, meeting the needs of his patients, service, and the community. He leads a team of dental professionals devoted to catering to the dental health, hygiene, and smiles of patients of all ages by paying attention to the teeth without forgetting their unique preferences, needs, schedules, or budgets.

While they have adopted advanced dental technology and cutting-edge techniques, their core values are compassionate care and meaningful interactions. The team also believes in honesty, trust, teamwork, active listening, service, integrity, and promptness. With comfort as the main belief, the team has created a warm, friendly, supportive, and safe environment where clients can relax and enjoy the amenities as they wait to receive treatment.

Services offered at Greenville Family Dentistry

Greenville Family Dentistry is proud to announce a grand re-opening of the Greer, SC office after it was closed on 12th April 2021, due to severe damage from a water system failure that dumped 35,000 gallons of water into their office. During the closure, extensive repairs were conducted by professionals to restore the interior and avoid similar incidents from occurring in the future. While the office redesign and construction was completed in June, supply chain disruptions severely delayed the re-opening until mid-October 2021 as much of their state-of-the-art dental technologies did not arrive in a timely manner.

With this grand re-opening, patients can make appointments to enjoy a wide range of dental services including, family dentistry, dental implants, dentures, dental cleaning, dental crowns, dental fillings, and dental restorations. Greenville Family Dentistry also specializes in cosmetic dentistry that focuses on improving the appearance of a patient's teeth, smile, and mouth. Dr. Harris and his team are trained to select and use porcelain or other composite materials that match the color of a patient's teeth to maintain the natural appearance of their smiles. They provide inlays, onlays, dental bonding, dental veneers, and teeth whitening services.

Greenville Family Dentistry focuses on sedation dentistry for painless and anxiety-free dental care. With the understanding that most patients are fearful of dentist visits, they provide effective sedation options for them, including IV sedation dentistry or Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas). Additionally, they offer periodontal cleanings, night guards, root canal treatments, among others.

With information as one of the core values at Greenville Family Dentistry, the team has taken the initiative to write insightful articles on various topics to encourage better oral health care while also helping patients understand their dental issues. They have topics on the origin of dental anxiety, the impact of childhood trauma on oral healthcare, pediatric dentistry, understanding tooth restorations, alleviating dentist visit fears, and many more.

As a convenience, Greenville Family Dentistry accepts the most common types of dental insurance and files claims on behalf of their patients. They accept Humana, MetLife, UnitedHealthcare, Aetna, BlueShield, Cigna, Delta Dental, Guardian, among others.

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As a patient-centered practice, the Greer dentist conducts extensive consultations to properly diagnose an issue and tailor-make a treatment plan based on each patient's condition, needs, goals, and expectations. This approach has earned them many memberships, 5-star reviews, positive testimonials, and an impressive list of satisfied clients.

Learn More about Greenville Family Dentistry by calling 864-877-9111 to schedule an appointment or visit their location at 920 S Batesville Rd, Greer, SC, 29650, United States. For any inquiries about the services they provide, visit their website for more information.