Fragasso Financial Advisors Releases Video Blog on How the Proposed Tax Changes Could Impact the Sale of a Client's Business

Business owners and financial advisors throughout the United States are preparing for proposed tax changes. One thing is sure, if the proposed tax changes are enacted, they can significantly impact the sale of a business. Therefore, on the minds of every business owner, which translates into an opportunity for financial advisors, is how they can reduce their tax liability and increase liquidity in their business and investment assets.

Many business owners had hoped to sell their businesses before COVID but were delayed because of the pandemic circumstances. And now, business owners would like to sell their businesses due to their personal experiences through COVID. Thus, there is a vast inventory of businesses to be sold. If those businesses can be sold before the effective dates of the proposed tax changes, sellers will keep significantly more of their purchase price.

On this topic, Fragasso Financial Advisors released a video blog illustrating the potential impact of the proposed tax changes. This interview between Robert Fragasso, Chairman and CEO of Fragasso Financial Advisors, and Jim Carlisle, partner at Dinsmore in Pittsburgh, PA, is titled "How Proposed Tax Changes Could Impact the Sale of Your Client's Business."

Jim Carlisle specializes in M&A transactions and the transition of illiquid assets. In the video blog, he walks financial advisors through the impact of the proposed tax changes and what it means for their clients. The major talking points of the video include:

Critical points of the new Tax Plan Reduction in federal estate tax exemptions Why the loss of step-up in basis and increased capital gains rates make 2021 an advantageous year to sell

The video is designed to present this information in an easy-to-watch, engaging way - encouraging financial advisors to proactively give their clients the information they need to make informed decisions. Fragasso is demonstrating the depth of their financial planning and client touch points with this content as a call to action for financial advisors who are seeking or are established as independent advisors considering adding resources and expertise such as this to grow their practice.

To access the "How Proposed Tax Changes Could Impact the Sale of Your Client's Business" video and other videos designed for financial advisors, please visit the Fragasso Video Library

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