Elevation Burger, a Collegeville Restaurant, Is Offering More Burger Options in Collegeville, PA

Collegeville, PA: Elevation Burger is a premium food chain famous for high-quality burgers, shakes, and fresh-cut fries. As a quality-centered entity, it uses high-quality ingredients in its innovative menus. The chain uses cage-free chicken, heart-healthy olive oil, and grass-fed USDA-certified organic beef in its recipes. Besides the premium organic burgers, it has a system that prioritizes clients' satisfaction.

The restaurant is offering more burger options to the Collegeville community. Single beef burger and double beef burger are some of the popular options at the food chain. Besides the client choosing the bun and the favorite toppings, the patties are made using 100% grass-fed and organic beef. For clients who want a burger with a meat taste but do not want a beef patty, the restaurant offers two options - a single impossible burger and double impossible burgers. The patty is purely plant-based but has a meat taste. One is free to choose a bun and toppings at no extra cost.

For vegans interested in trying the restaurant's innovative menu, there are two purely vegan options. The Elevation Burger a restaurant has a single vegan burger and a double vegan burger. The two options are made up of seasoned veggies, organic whole grains, and organic spices. Like in other options, the client chooses toppings and the choice of bun based on their preference. Based on the ingredients, the two vegan burger alternatives are similar. The only difference is the patty, where the double vegan burger has two while the single option only has one patty made from organic whole grains.

For clients looking for the nearest fast food offering grilled chicken sandwiches in Collegeville, the Elevation Burger has an offer for them. The burger's patty is purely made from organic chicken breast. To make it to the client's liking, the restaurant grills it to perfection. When serving, the client has the freedom to choose toppings and their favorite bun. If they prefer gluten-free chicken sandwiches, the restaurant has a crispy chicken sandwich alternative. It comes with the organic chicken breast but is coated in gluten-free breading. For more personalization, they choose their favorite toppings and bun.

The restaurant also has veggie burger options and four children's burger options. Their single and double veggie burgers have patties that are a veggie, cheese, and grains blend. The restaurant has a kid-sized cheeseburger, hamburger, chicken tenders, and grilled cheese on the kid's menu. In each menu option, there are many choices, such as drinks and fries choices. So, regardless of the kid's preference, the restaurant has many options. It also has many drink options for adults, irrespective of their preferences. For example, it has Poland springs, Fiji water, organic chocolate milk, Honest Kids juice, Nantucket Nectars, Fountain drink, and fresh-brewed iced tea.

Clients interested in burgers can call (610) 831-1360 to speak to a representative. It is located at 201 Plaza Dr, Collegeville, PA 19426. Check the website for more information.