All About Kitchens Offers Cost-Effective Custom Cabinets Installation in Modesto

Modesto, CA - All About Kitchens offers custom cabinets installations to homes in and around Modesto, CA. These services cut across its bathroom and kitchen remodeling and renovation.

All About Kitchens has designed its Modesto cabinetry installations to fit their clients' needs and preferences. The team works together with its client to develop the best designs for their kitchen and bathroom cabinets. In addition, the two parties aim to enhance the properties' aesthetics and their market value.

All About Kitchens also offers cabinet refinishing for homeowners looking for cost-effective alternatives with the same results as cabinet installations. This service is best for converting an outdated and dull kitchen or bathroom into a fresh and modern space within a shorter period. Homeowners who choose this service will be spared from the hassle and cost of a complete remodeling. The team enhances or changes the color and finish of the existing materials.

A team of experienced and skilled professionals, ranging from designers to technicians, conducts the cabinet installations and resurfacing. They go to the extent of sourcing and utilizing quality materials for their renovation and remodeling to ensure that their clients get industry-standard services and products.

All About Kitchens' representative, while speaking about their custom cabinet installations and refinishing, noted, "At All About Kitchens, we offer you professional advice and opinions about the best products to increase the value of your home. We vow to always be upfront and transparent with our customers and help you choose the services and products that are the best for your family and budget."

Other services offered include kitchen countertop refinishing, including stone-fleck multi-color finishes, cultured marble, Formica and laminate, and ceramic tile materials. Like their cabinet refinishing, the specialists aim to ensure that property owners spend fewer resources, including time and money. Homeowners can have their counterparts resemble granite and other valuable stones.

All About Kitchens other kitchen remodeling services include hardwood floor refinishing, appliance installation, flooring, HVAC services, removal, and relocating walls, painting and plastering, kitchen designs, minor and major remodeling, and electrical fixture installations. They also offer bathroom remodeling, including painting, sinks and fixtures installation, new showers and tubs, toilets, tiles, wood or laminate flooring, and updated plumbing.

As a company that believes in providing 100% customer satisfaction, All About Kitchens strives to complete its projects within the agreed time frame. They also handle the required paperwork for the kitchen bathroom remodeling.

Contact them by calling at (209) 521-4490 to schedule a consultation or inquire about an estimate. Visit their website to learn more about the kitchen and bathroom remodeling services. All About Kitchens are located at 1120 Mchenry Ave., Modesto, CA 95350, US.