AgelessRx Releases Metformin 101 Educational Animation

The animation reviews various scientific literature surrounding Metformin, why it's theorized to activate several molecular pathways, what data supports Metformin anti aging benefits, and what type of information is available about Metformin association with some health benefits such as weight loss and pre-diabetes.

Metformin is derived from natural compounds in the French Lilac plant and has been used successfully for over six decades, with an outstanding safety result in the treatment of diabetes and other aging-related diseases. It has been listed on the World of Health's Essential Medicines, which is a catalog comprising the most effective, safe, and cost-effective therapies for diabetic patients.

Based on mouse data, scientists think that Metformin impacts multiple hallmarks of aging such as Genomic Instability, Epigenetic Alteration, Deregulated Nutrient Sensing, and Cellular Senescence.

The animation is a video which has been published on

Viewers won't need a biology degree to appreciate this engaging and educational video. In less than 5 minutes, those who watch the video will see a variety of graphics, whiteboard animation, drawings, and pictures to help them understand what kind of research has been done on Metformin. In addition, viewers will receive a high-level overview of the resources and data supporting its use and better understand how it works.

The team at AgelessRx is very passionate about improving people's quality of life and dedicates a significant number of resources to research, education, and advocacy. This educational video will tell viewers everything they need to know about the drug and how they can receive medical approval to receive it.

Those interested in viewing this video and learning more about Metformin and its effect on aging symptoms can visit the website.

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