Achieving Optimal Health and Peak Performance with NeuroAthlete & Chiropractic Clinic a Monument Chiropractor

About NeuroAthlete & Chiropractic Clinic

NeuroAthlete & Chiropractic Clinic knows what it takes to combine nature and technology to enhance performance, achieve pain-free living, and complete recovery. The center uses sweat-less exercise, lymphatic compression, and infrared light to heal tissues, reduce inflammation, and improve hormonal function for biohacking. In addition, their performance Training is pivotal in promoting overall body health. The master trainers and the rest of the team always work with a chiropractor to achieve optimum body performance.

The center's extreme care targets athletes with brain injuries and concussions resulting from sports injuries and car accidents. Treatment involves crafting an individual plan to address acute and chronic brain injuries. NeuroAthlete & Chiropractic Clinic formed out of years of experience and dreams. Business owner Dr. Grove Higgins is an experienced chiropractor and soft tissue specialist with three decades of experience. He founded the practice in 2015 and moved it alongside concierge doctor Dr. Aaron Frasier, owner of Flying Horse Medical Center.

NeuroAthlete & Chiropractic Clinic Services

NeuroAthlete & Chiropractic Clinic's holistic approach analyzes pain resolution, performance, and health needs of clients. Their principle on authoritative assessment protocol carefully assesses clients to find the solutions that work for them. Their principle also entails teaching clients useful drills and exercises to enhance overall health.

The facility's massage therapists have over 40 years of experience and are keen to help patients identify underlying biomedical issues, provide much-needed relief and speedy recovery. Their extensive chiropractic care entails checking the body's health and performance problems and promoting manual therapy to realign the spine and joint. The results are evident with the improvements in neurologic function, a boost in the immune system, and a reduction in muscular stress.

Contact NeuroAthlete & Chiropractic Clinic

The NeuroAthlete & Chiropractic Clinic office is located at 77 3rd Street Suite 400, Monument, Colorado, 80132, USA. The contact number is 719-225-4949. The clinic is touted as the best chiropractor serving Monument, CO, and adjacent areas. To schedule an appointment online, visit their website and choose a specialist.