Ridiculously Delicious Liver-Coated Dog Treats – LIVER LICKS: The Newest Product Launch From BarknBig

Loveland, CO (Viz Release) April 7, 2021 – – – BarknBig, America’s premium canine chews manufacturer, is excited to announce the launch of its newest line of dog bones and treats: Liver Licks!

Bully sticks, shin bones, knee caps, tendons and trachea strips are familiar treats to dog owners everywhere. BarknBig is taking it up a notch by coating these canine favorites with 100% beef liver as part of their new Liver Lick line.

BarknBig Liver Lick New Product Launch

The pet space, for dog treats and chews in particular, is a crowded field. Between brick and mortar stores and online shopping experiences, the search for food, treats and supplies is never more than a few clicks away.

“The need to create innovative products is one way to break away from the pack,” said Mark Johnson, co-founder of BarknBig. Mark and his co-founder son, Erik, put their dog-owner hats on and thought about unique treats that dogs would love. According to Erik, “At BarknBig, we already source 100% U.S. beef liver for other treats we make and what dog doesn’t love liver?” It turns out that Erik’s hunch was spot on and BarknBig’s new Liver Lick line was born. In addition to being ridiculously delicious, liver has high levels of Vitamin B-12, protein, taurine, iron and zinc – important nutrients that also contribute to dogs’ overall good health.

BarknBig Liver Lick Beef Shin Bone

BarknBig Liver Lick Beef Trachea Strip Barrel

In late 2020, BarknBig partnered with a number of regional distributors to help share BarknBig’s high-quality, U.S.-made dog treats. The introduction of the new Liver Lick line has already created quite a buzz. “As I was showing samples of the new Liver Lick line to our customers, they were absolutely flipping over these treats – they’ve never seen anything like them,” was the enthusiastic feedback from Taz Green with Rio Grande, who handles sales in southern Wyoming plus the Front Range of Colorado. “BarknBig’s announcement flyer said, ‘Commodity Meets Innovation’ and that is the perfect description for these new treats – they knocked it out of the park!” said Taz.

In addition to selling products through distributors in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Oregon, Washington state, Pennsylvania and southern California, its direct-to-consumer website, BarknBig.com, offers these premium treats and chews to dog owners across the U.S. “We’re excited about the dog owners, pet stores and retailers who currently enjoy BarknBig products,” said Mark Johnson. Explained Erik, “On the production side, we’ve been growing steadily over the past couple years and we feel confident that it’s time to take a closer look at the Midwest and states that are east of the Mississippi.”

When asked about additional new products that might be on the horizon for BarknBig, Mark and Erik did not mention specifics but did confirm that the next round of new products are already in the works.

BarknBig is the consumer brand of BarkDine Innovations. BarkDine is a full-service, private label co-packer for the pet industry that produces hundreds of lines of pet bones and chews. For more information about becoming a distributor partner, visit BarknBig.shop. To talk about private label opportunities, go to BarkDine.com.