July 8, 2020 (Viz Release) - - Process Server One, mindful of this heart-wrenching period of looting and civil unrest, stands shoulder-to-shoulder with the legal community and any businesses impacted by unlawful behavior following the death of George Floyd. We can think of no better expression of the spirit of empathy and compassion we feel toward Mr. Floyd's family and loved ones - and toward the families of all those whose fragile candle of life was extinguished by a wrongful act of force - than the words of a mighty American President, 155 years ago:

"With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God

gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in; to bind up

the nation's wounds; to care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his

widow, and his orphan."

(Abraham Lincoln, April 10, 1865)

As leaders of nationwide process service, it's important that we remind the public not to retaliate violently in response to these events and to live by the laws we created together. For true change is born from the justice system starting with legal process service and our rights to vote at all levels of government. Rest assured, knowing that Process Server One is at the forefront of legal support for businesses that fell victim to looters and violence. To promote business recovery, Process Server One is open 24-7 for nationwide process service, private investigations, and more in any state or city.

Public outrage led to challenges that stretched our legal system, our government institutions, and our personal endurance to the limit. Nonetheless, Process Server One strictly obeys each state's business procedures to stay open during nationwide shutdown serving documents at courts in any US county during all stages of reopening from forced curfew and COVID-19.

Since our workplaces, family relationships, and personal freedom of movement have all been tightly restricted in the name of public health and safety, Process Server One is glad to keep you safe while we all seek to understand what's happening within healthcare and law enforcement around the U.S. Our entire team works gladly to serve and e-file documents anywhere, and continues to go about our essential work each day with enthusiasm and precision to deliver the justice you deserve.

We are a diverse group of talented professionals with diverse personalities, and even-more diverse sets of skills. Our licensed investigators and support staff have decades of experience in finding defendants, serving legal papers, obtaining copies of records (including electronic data and medical images), field investigation, database searches, child custody cases, complex litigation, class actions, and foreign-state domestication of subpoenas and judgments. Our staff is located around the U.S., connected electronically and experienced in all 50 states. Here's a list of documents that can be served in person and online at available courthouses.

Small Claims Bank Levies Personal Subpoenas Wage Garnishments Writs of Execution Restraining Orders Evictions & Foreclosures Summons & Complaints Court Filings Cross Complaints Record Subpoenas Notices Letters Probate Matters Family Law

While not every court accepts e-filing, many courts across the United States require that attorneys e-file documents for their clients at the moment. Since the rules have changed, access to courts and court services is arguably more restricted than ever before. Which is why we're ready to assist all individuals, corporations, business associations, insurance companies, and law firms immediately. Keep in mind, many courts of general jurisdiction are free to create their own rules for now. Certainly, the help of a legal professional is more important than ever.

How Does Process Server One Provide Legal Support During COVID-19 and George Floyd Protests? 

Our goal is to help businesses defend themselves from crime and serve justice swiftly. Every member of our process service and concierge team is a hand-picked legal expert when it comes to restraining orders, personal subpoenas, court filings, private investigation, and more.

After registering an account for process service or e-filing, you'll be ready to have multiple assignments completed immediately. With office locations strategically strewn across the United States including Hawai'i, we've proven the ability to serve the legal process in all states and circumstances. We make it look easy during hard times, but the truth is...

There's more to serving legal papers than what you've seen on TV and in the movies; everyone has state and federal laws to follow along the way. We will always note the time, date, and location to deliver a valid written proof of service, making the facts admissible in court so you can move forward with confidence in your case.

Process service gets complicated during protests, as many of the looters and vandalists come from far-away cities (often out of state) to do their damage. Therefore, pursuing any legal action against them requires specialized legal services that get your papers ready to cross state (or international) boundaries.

Oftentimes your papers must be issued in another state, processed from another state or another federal district court, or located in-state, but regardless, our fast, efficient, and accurate service is provided by experienced process servers with more than 30 years of experience doing what you need today. Since states still have their own specific procedures, we always contact the record holder's local court to avoid mistakes.

Successfully serving legal papers, especially subpoenas, is a wonderful feeling; your justice is just getting started. Issuing a subpoena isn't an easy task, however: only a licensed, registered, bonded process server can serve a subpoena - and that's where we come in. We can prepare and serve your trial, deposition, and record subpoenas at the most affordable prices. But you need to know who to serve first, and we can help you find answers quickly.

We carry out criminal investigations in all metropolitan areas to support startups and established businesses in recovery from criminal activity like looting, vandalism, and more. We're able to review footage of the scene to produce new information and takeaways. Once that's done, make use of public records to learn more about the suspects while there’s still time. Process Server One offers fast public research including unlimited reports and instant searches of county civil and criminal records, federal civil and criminal records, and more.

We can tell you the truth about almost anyone in three to five days. Ensure that every potential suspect is researched by checking thoroughly into criminal history and background. Uncovering misdemeanors and felonies helps tremendously with business, legal, and personal decisions. Get the answers you need today and avoid further danger by contacting us.

Process Server One helps businesses do everything it takes to create favorable legal decisions. We're likely to  find evidence that's deemed admissible in a court of law. We also go the extra mile to bolster any findings by seeking out witnesses for you. Because know from experience that without a valid witness, even photo and video evidence can be deemed hearsay. Process Server One is aware of the objection tactics used in court, and we plan ahead to keep your case on course.

How Did Process Server One Respond to COVID-19?

Our greatest takeaway from the global health pandemic is that fear has spread nationwide causing a severe lack of progress in the legal sector. We demonstrate speed, productivity, and bravery for the clients we serve, venturing out to complete essential tasks that others need done to advance their cases.

But why?

While 30-day deadline extensions are in place, curfews and stay-at-home orders are large hurdles for many without affordable access to licensed, registered, and bonded legal process servers.

We recognize that the national shutdown has slowed many cases down to a complete stop, which cannot be allowed on our watch. Process Server One keeps justice alive and well across the United States during the most chaotic times many can remember. Which is how we developed the reputation for reliability that we strive to uphold.

Take Massive Legal Action With Process Server One Today

In no case can papers be served by someone who is involved in the case or legal proceeding. If you need a process server, then should be your first stop. Through our company, you'll find pre-screened local process servers to assist individuals, companies and corporations, government agencies, and legal professionals.

We're among the most knowledgeable and professional legal document servers in the industry. And, we use state-of-the-art resources to ensure that our clients always know exactly when a party has been served. We only use experienced process servers familiar with local, state and national laws, ensuring your papers are served quickly and legally within the proper time constraints. Curious how we got good at this?

Experience is the best teacher. We have assembled a group of seasoned professionals, with decades of work in courthouses, law offices, and in the streets. We have served thousands of legal papers over thirty years in the legal trenches. We have seen our clients successfully through rush locates, rush serves, court deadlines, complex cases, evasive defendants, out-of-state record-holders, subpoena and judgment domestications around the United States, and even service in several foreign countries. Process Server One offers a complete solution for your needs.

We can serve legal papers for you in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, on Native American reservations, in U.S. territories, and in foreign countries informally or under Hague Convention rules. We have handled process service in cases where over 2000 defendants were named. We have handled difficult mental-health and related serves for counties. We have served papers in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, the Philippines, South Africa, Mexico, Latin America, Western Europe and all the U.K. Commonwealth countries. We offer solutions down the street, and across the globe. We’re certain we can get you to your legal destination; let us show you the way.

The expert staff at Process Server One dedicates itself each day to the small role we play in the great workings of America including process service at CT Corp, Corporation Service Company (CSC), and National Registered Agents.

Finding and serving people is what we do. It is our bliss. It is what makes us go. Routine service costs range between $35 - $100. Prices can be lower in some states and higher in others. Additionally, if you have a rush serve or you need papers served the next day or on a holiday, rates increase. When asking for a quote, be sure to ask how quickly a server can get the job done, and how many attempts at service you'll get for a quoted price.

Contact us to advance your case in any city nationwide by calling (855) 545-1303, or emailing us at