Washington double homicide suspect possibly involved in third deadly shooting

The suspected shooter of a double homicide in Tacoma, Washington, could be responsible for a third deadly shooting nearby, Fox13 reported.
Paul Snider allegedly killed two men near 80th and Hosmer Street near Bass Pro Shop on Monday morning.
Held at Pierce County Jail, Snider has several charges pending against him, including aggravated murder for the double homicide.
IDAHO POLICE INVESTIGATING QUADRUPLE MURDERS ASKED ABOUT SIMILARITIES TO 2021 UNSOLVED OREGON STABBING ATTACKAfter his arrest for the double homicide, court documents said Snider "admitted to being present at another homicide that occurred earlier in the year.
In that earlier homicide, the victim was shot in the head."
The documents further stated detectives familiar with the earlier homicide knew the shooter "had been identified as ‘Paul’."
The court documents said a suspect was caught on a Bass Pro Shop security camera stepping out of the trailer, and "a suspected muzzle flash could be seen on the video."
Additionally, at least two home cameras gave a clear idea of what the suspect was wearing and who to look for.
The documents said detectives used the surveillance video to identify Snider as the suspect, arresting him just hours after the deadly shots.
"I can’t speak to how many cases have been solved from community members and their home surveillance systems," said Boyd.
They said he has had nine encounters with law enforcement and has been booked at Pierce County Jail at least six times.
Snider’s next court hearing in the double homicide case is scheduled for December 21.