NY town denies Planned Parenthood permit application amid community uproar

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A New York town has denied a permit for Planned Parenthood to set up a proposed abortion clinic within their borders.
Residents of Henrietta, New York, reacted passionately when a Planned Parenthood location was pitched for their town.
Protests and arguments from both sides dominated the Town Board as the abortion provider sought real estate in a local plaza.
The application was denied in a narrow 3-2 vote.
The proposed Planned Parenthood clinic reportedly would have been established and operational by 2023.
"And so the cost escalation from just remodeling to completely demolishing and building the building made it cost-prohibitive for us to move in there."
MICHIGAN PREGNANCY CENTER VANDALIZED, NEARBY BUSINESS ALSO DAMAGED"We did a market analysis and it really showed that Henrietta was the place to be because you get traffic from Livingston County," Casey told WHEC 10.
"So people in the southern areas have better access to care and the demographics of Henrietta are much younger."
Abortion – always a contentious issue in national and state politics – has rapidly become the most prominent topic in U.S. politics as a Supreme Court decision threatens to overturn Roe v. Wade.
The anticipation for a ruling in this case has already led to protests outside the Supreme Court and the homes of several justices, as well as an attempted murder charge against a man who allegedly plotted to kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
The ensuing litigation now puts the Supreme Court in a position to review whether a pre-viability ban should be allowed.