Minneapolis gang violence intensifies after police defunding: 'It's like you're playing Russian roulette'

In North Minneapolis, at the intersection of North Lyndale and West Broadway, a crowd gathers every night.
The open-air drug market takes on the form of a street party, until the gunfire rings out – and that happens almost every night.
Two nights we were in Minneapolis and both nights there was gunfire at the intersection.
It is so severe, the gas station on the corner has been nicknamed by the locals: murder station.
People who live close say the violence, drug use and gang activity in North Minneapolis has become intolerable.
She says, "Because there's so much drug trafficking, there's so much gang violence."
Mike Oker is the general manager of the 4th avenue saloon about a block and a half away from "Murder Station."
He was eager to security camera pictures of the drug dealers he runs out of the alley behind his bar every night.
After budget cuts and a public campaign by the Minneapolis city council to do away with the Minneapolis Police, the MPD is down 300 officers.
He didn’t want to use his name but tells me the break-down of the gang structure contributes to the violence.
When a decision is made to shoot someone over a petty dispute, there is no heavyweight within the gang to stop it.
"It’s like you’re playing Russian roulette," he says.