Greg Gutfeld: China's revenge has only just begun

So China's president is pissed off and not because LeBron James is a lousy kisser.
Because Nancy Pelosi, the spork with eyebrows, took a girls’ shopping trip to Taiwan, China sent scores of planes to the Taiwan Strait -- never met him -- and fired live missiles near the self-ruled island.
GREG GUTFELD: LONG TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME IS DRIVING THE MEDIA'S POLARIZATIONSo China fired a load of missiles in waters off Taiwan, activated 100 planes, including fighter jets and bombers, plus ten warships.
But man, don't they know how bad all that is for the environment?
China says don't go to Taiwan, but hey, screw you China, we're coming over just for **** and giggles, which are the Secret Service nicknames for Biden and Harris.
And so, like a divorce lawyer, you drive up tensions between adversaries while also driving one enemy, China, into the arms of another, Russia.
That was actually Nancy Pelosi doing some window shopping in Taipei.
But the revenge has only just begun.
NANCY PELOSI: The Trump administration's reckless, rash decisions are no substitute for real global leadership.
Which I don't think is strategic, which leads me to believe that Trump isn't serious and may not be up to the job.
HILLARY CLINTON: A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man we can trust with nuclear weapons.
Under Biden -- hot wars, cold wars, storage wars, cupcake wars.