Former National Security adviser warns of China's 'aggressive' bid for their world order

Former Deputy National Security Adviser K.T.
McFarland joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend" Saturday morning and discussed the growing threat of the Chinese and their ’aggressive' tactics on the geopolitical level.
McFarland warned co-host Will Cain that America has been "asleep at the wheel" while China is establishing its new "world order."
McFarland pointed out China's recent geopolitical moves to solidify its influence on the world stage.
"If you look at the last ten days, what's China done?
It is moving very aggressively and successfully to establish the new Chinese world order," she noted.
CHINA, RUSSIA, IRAN TEAM UP FOR MILITARY EXERCISES IN MIDDLE EAST"So a week ago, they negotiated a deal between two historic enemies, Iran, Saudi Arabia.
She turned to China's partnership with Russia and discussed the call for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.
"Xi Jinping is going to Russia.
Finally, McFarland concluded with China's global aspirations with their growing influence in Central and South America, and the challenge to American leadership on the world stage.
China is the way forward and China is going to lead the new global world order, not the United States."
If we want to maintain American leadership in the world, we better get our act together really fast."