Brittney Griner detention: WNBA star's wife wants Biden admin to follow through on rhetoric

Cherelle Griner, the wife of Brittney Griner, who has been detained in Russia since February, said Wednesday she wants the Biden administration to walk the walk if it's going to talk the talk.
Cherelle Griner appeared on MSNBC and explained her feelings while her wife has been detained.
"So, what I believe that the Biden administration can do differently is to actually take the words and the rhetoric that they have and match them together," Cherelle Griner said.
She said he hadn’t spoken with President Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris at all during the ordeal despite multiple requests.
"The person that has the power — the Biden administration itself, being President Biden, Vice President Harris — I have not spoken to them.
Cherelle Griner hasn’t spoken to Brittney Griner since Feb. 17.
But Cherelle Griner learned the truth from her wife’s lawyers on Monday.
The couple had been told the embassy was going to patch the call through to Cherelle Griner in Phoenix.
I was done, fed up," Cherelle Griner told the Associated Press.
BRITTNEY GRINER'S RUSSIA DETENTION 'SOMETHING THAT I’M PERSONALLY FOCUSED ON,' BLINKEN SAYSThe State Department expressed regret over the "logistical error."
Cherelle Griner said a contact within the U.S. government apologized for the error.
Cherelle Griner told the AP she was "very p---ed" about the incident, especially since the call had been on a schedule for two weeks and there was no mention of a potential snafu.