The political numbers that explain the Abbott and DeSantis migrant decisions

While there may be policy reasons for their decisions, there are clear political considerations as well.
This stood in contrast to Americans as a whole, 56% of whom favored allowing them to seek asylum.
Of course, most Republicans would argue that the migrants being sent north don’t meet this definition and instead are in the country illegally.
More Republicans (56%) said they were extremely concerned about illegal immigration than any other issue, except for inflation, according to a recent Fox News poll.
Gallup polling from earlier this year showed that 87% of Republicans were dissatisfied with the level of immigration into the country.
And even when it comes to the broader question of immigration, this concern, like that of illegal immigration, ranks high.
Democrats also strongly dislike the Republican Party: A majority (54%) saw the GOP in a very unfavorable light, the Pew poll found this year.
DeSantis, in particular, is a potential candidate for president in 2024.
He has to know that immigration is what paved former President Donald Trump’s way to the White House in 2016.
DeSantis must also be aware of how Trump cannibalized media attention during the 2016 primary season at the expense of other candidates.
Right now, one of the top topics in the media is this story you’re reading – about Abbott and DeSantis sending migrants to Northern cities.
The fact is that using media attention to endear oneself to the Republican base is part of the point for folks like Abbott and DeSantis.