Takeaways from the blockbuster victories conservatives secured at the Supreme Court

(CNN) In decisions handed down in recent weeks, the conservative Supreme Court transformed the legal landscape around an assortment of hot-button issues, including abortion, gun rights, immigration and religious liberty.
Red states -- with the green light from the Supreme Court -- moved quickly to enact abortion bans and extreme restrictions, and abortion rights advocates scrambled to slow enforcement of the new prohibitions.
Weakening the walls between church and stateThe conservative court reshaped the playing field around questions regarding religious liberty and the separation between church and state.
In another case, the court -- again ruling on ideological lines -- sided with a public high school coach who suffered professional reprisals for praying on the field after football games.
Overall, the lesson to the court is " 'Hey governments, this is not the way you are supposed to do it,' " Rienzi told CNN.
In the pair of rulings, the Supreme Court restricted the authority that lower courts have to block the implementation of certain immigration policies alleged to be unlawful.
Over the last five years, a slew of legal challenges against immigration policies have disrupted the implementation of those measures.
Big picture, it appears the legal process for halting certain immigration policies in court will be much slower and arduous for immigrant advocates.
The timeline for those cases to reach the Supreme Court is already long, and the high court accepts only a limited number of cases each year.
The ruling had the effect of expanding the immunity protecting federal officials from private lawsuits, even if it didn't overturn "Bivens" outright.
Later in the term, the court also undermined the so-called Miranda right protections -- i.e.
The ruling did not eliminate the Miranda right, as evidence obtained when it's been violated would still be excluded from trial.