Senate Republicans aghast at Perdue's false election claims in Georgia governor race

(Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images)CNN —It’s a refrain that former Sen. David Perdue has made a centerpiece of his campaign for governor in Georgia.
“The election in 2020 was rigged and stolen,” Perdue asserted at a recent debate.
Perdue’s former Senate GOP colleagues, however, are less than impressed.
Brian Kemp, blaming Kemp for his and then-Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s losses, which cost Republicans the Senate, by arguing that the governor did not do enough to overturn the results.
2 Senate Republican, said when asked about Perdue’s claims.
They want solutions now.”“I do know him well,” said West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito when asked about Perdue’s claims.
In a brief interview, Loeffler dodged a question about whether she agreed with Perdue’s political strategy calling the 2020 election “rigged and stolen,” telling CNN: “I’m totally focused on the voters.
But if he falls short, it would be a major blow to the former President in his campaign to boot out Republicans who don’t align themselves with his 2020 election lies — and his status as a kingmaker.
I’m only focused on November.”“The only election I’m worried about is the 2022 election,” said Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley when asked about Perdue’s comments.
Even some of Perdue’s former allies in Georgia have wondered why he decided to run against Kemp.
Eric Tanenblatt is supporting Kemp even though he helped raise money for Perdue’s last Senate campaign and served as chief of staff to former Georgia Republican Gov.
“I think the majority of Republican primary voters think we need to get beyond the 2020 election,” Tanenblatt said.