Kansas shows how abortion may change the midterm turnout dynamic

(CNN) Abortion rights activists won a huge victory in the red state of Kansas on Tuesday.
Kansans voted overwhelmingly (59% to 41%) to reject an amendment that said there was no constitutional right to an abortion in the state.
Under 750,000 votes had been counted in the race for governor, combining both the Democratic and Republican primaries.
Relative to 2018, turnout in Kansas' partisan primaries was up nearly 60% this year.
In all states that have statewide 2018 data available for Democratic and Republican primaries and have already held their 2022 primaries, turnout has been up by about 4%.
And while Georgia and Pennsylvania did have higher statewide turnout in their partisan primaries than Kansas, relative to 2018, Kansas had higher relative turnout when including how many people turned out for the abortion amendment.
Put another way, it's very clear the abortion amendment drove turnout in Kansas in a way that the political environment without abortion on the ballot has not been able to.
Of all people who voted in a statewide Democratic or Republican primary in Kansas, about 37% cast a ballot in the Democratic primary.
The question is whether what happened with the turnout in Kansas has national implications.
The turnout pattern in Kansas jibes with what the national polling has suggested .
The Kansas turnout pattern seems to suggest that abortion could be a motivating factor to get more Democrats to vote.
Still, if Democrats were looking for a hopeful sign ahead of the midterms, Kansas is definitely a bright spot.