January 6 committee has footage that challenges Capitol Police findings over alleged role of GOP congressman

The video, portions of which were released by the committee on Wednesday, appears to show a man taking photos of tunnels, hallways and staircases within the Capitol complex while on a tour led by Loudermilk.
The committee also released footage that appears to show that same man marching to the Capitol on January 6.
The committee has not identified the man, but sources say the committee has interviewed him.
The committee has also not provided evidence that the man in the video entered the Capitol on January 6.
Capitol Police Chief Tom Manger said the video shows Loudermilk "with a group of approximately 12 people which later grew to 15 people" walking through the Capitol office buildings on January 5.
Manger also stated that the group of visitors did not "appear in any tunnels that would lead them to the US Capitol."
"On May 19, 2022, the Select Committee invited you to meet with us about evidence of a tour you provided on January 5, 2021.
Based on our review of surveillance video, social media activity, and witness accounts, we understand you led a tour group through parts of the Capitol complex on January 5, 2021.
"This false narrative that the Committee and Democrats continue to push, that Republicans, including myself, led reconnaissance tours is verifiably false.
Days after the attack, some Democrats began accusing Republicans of providing tours to individuals who later went on to storm the Capitol.
The committee has not explicitly accused Loudermilk of leading a reconnaissance tour but it did ask him to voluntarily answer questions about what is seen on the video released Wednesday.
In the time since, Loudermilk has characterized the participants in this January 5 meeting as his constituents, including families with children.