How Trump chose an 'apparently inebriated' Giuliani over his campaign team

Trump's former campaign manager: What was happening was not 'honest or professional'A version of this story appeared in CNN’s What Matters newsletter.
CNN —The House committee investigating the January 6 insurrection began methodically dismantling Donald Trump’s election lie during Monday’s public hearing, the first part of its argument that he led a conspiracy to overturn election results.
Top officials from Trump’s campaign and his White House said they had told the former President he lost the election and that it wasn’t stolen from him.
Stirewalt was later fired as conservatives began to buy into Trump’s election lie.
The committee aired a deposition clip of Trump spokesman Jason Miller similarly describing Giuliani as “definitely intoxicated” on election night.
The descriptions of election night – when Trump declared the whole election a fraud that had been stolen from him – are a key element of the committee’s presentation.
RELATED: The 14 most compelling lines from the hearingTrump’s campaign manager was sidelinedBill Stepien, who ran Trump’s campaign, did not show up for in-person testimony after his wife went into labor Monday morning.
Instead, Trump took Giuliani’s advice and said he had won the election and that the results were a fraud.
He raised $250 million for election defense funds that did not engage in election defense and instead used the money for politics.
CaveatsThe most important parts of the public hearings so far have come from recorded testimony – from Barr, Stepien and Miller.
It’s a one-sided affairThe nature of the hearing, without Trump supporters to cross-examine, was very one-sided.
Here’s what Cheney said during last week’s prime-time hearing will be covered in the remaining hearings: