Here's what November's midterms look like after the spring primaries

Four outstanding Senate primaries to watch.
Although a number of big nominating contests are behind us, the Republican primaries in Arizona and Missouri on August 2 and the Democratic primary in Wisconsin on August 9 will carry real implications for November.
Even later, the September 13 Republican primary in New Hampshire may shape how competitive the battleground state contest will be.
The GOP primary in Missouri will decide whether the state will be in play in November.
In Wisconsin, the Democratic Senate primary will shape a fall matchup that represents Democrats' best shot at unseating a Republican incumbent.
His absence has opened up a crowded primary field that includes state Senate President Chuck Morse, former Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith and retired Army Brig.
One emerging lesson for GOP candidates in upcoming primaries is that anchoring your campaign in election lies isn't always a winning ticket.
On Tuesday, voters in the GOP primary rejected Peters' bid to take on Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold in the fall.
And last month, Pennsylvania state Sen. Doug Mastriano , a leading voice advancing Trump's lies about election fraud, won the Republican primary for governor.
So while it's clear Republican voters remain largely supportive of Trump, there are limits to their willingness to entertain his personal grievances.
His support is obviously coveted in GOP primaries, but it seems like his role as Republican kingmaker is being tested?
The more meaningful way to look at Trump's endorsement record is where he has endorsed in highly competitive GOP primaries.