Gavin Newsom looks to hold on to his job as California governor

(CNN) California voters, who have endured raging wildfires, a historic drought and an ongoing pandemic, will decide Tuesday whether they want to remove from office Democratic Gov.
Gavin Newsom , who's led the nation's most populous state for the past two-and-a-half years.
"The eyes of the nation are on California," President Joe Biden said when rallying for Newsom in Long Beach on Monday.
In order to hold onto his job, Newsom -- first elected in 2018 -- needs a majority of voters to have voted "no" on the first ballot question about whether they want to oust him.
Those quirky recall rules have helped Newsom paint Elder as a viable threat to this deep blue state.
"You either keep Gavin Newsom as your governor," Biden said, "or you'll get Donald Trump."
Newsom adviser Sean Clegg told reporters Monday night that the surge of the Delta variant was a "turning point" for the campaign.
The only successful gubernatorial recall in California was in 2003 when voters tossed out Democratic Gov.
The campaign to recall Newsom appeared to be gaining ground in late July and early August when polls showed a tight race.
Among likely Republican voters, 82% favored recalling Newsom and 17% said they were opposed to the recall.
Their efforts were bolstered by a California judge's decision in November to extend the deadline for collecting those signatures by four months.
Democrats and their many allied groups scrambled to educate voters about the unusual date of the election and the two-question ballot.