John Fetterman looks to November as primary day in Pennsylvania approaches

(CNN) Can a Bernie Sanders-supporting advocate for legal marijuana and lower prison sentences flip a Republican Senate seat in Pennsylvania and help keep the Senate in Democratic hands?
But John Fetterman , the tattooed, 6-foot 8-inch, cargo-short-wearing lieutenant governor of the Keystone State is anything but conventional.
Fetterman is the heavy favorite to win Tuesday's Democratic primary ahead of US Rep. Conor Lamb.
"Republicans think they'd crush Socialist Fetterman," blared an ad from a super PAC supporting Lamb.
When asked this week whether he supports any restrictions on abortion, Fetterman said, "I don't," even in the third trimester.
"I believe that choice is between a woman, her doctor and a God if she prays to one.
And he defends his record of working to get those wrongfully convicted out of prison and to implement criminal justice reforms.
"In our hyper divided political world, where it's ultra MAGA or reasonable political beliefs where you can have some mild disagreements," Fetterman told CNN.
He insists people call him "John" and wears gym shorts and hoodies -- often with the sleeves pushed up to reveal tattoos -- on the campaign trail.
It means that he doesn't carry himself like a typical politician and the York crowd didn't treat him like one, either.
When his supporters crowded in to get a quick word -- many with beer in hand -- it wasn't to ask about his policy positions.
"I think we should fund the police," he told CNN in an interview just days before Tuesday's primary.