$22,500 reward offered for escaped murderer who attacked driver of Texas prison bus

He had killed a man with a pickaxe in 2005 and attempted to shoot a sheriff's deputy the year before, officials said.
"If anybody has seen him, if anybody has any reason to believe he's been on their property please contact local law enforcement officials by way of 9-1-1."
Lopez is 6-feet tall and weighs 185 pounds with "tattoos on his back, abdomen and chest," according to the Texas Department of Public Safety Bulletin.
Lopez is from the Rio Grande Valley and affiliated with the Mexican mafia, the agency said.
"If he's managed to get someplace else please contact law enforcement there tell them that you think you've seen this escaped convict and you want to get him in custody.
"Then Lopez got back on the bus and drove it about another mile down the road with its back tires shot out," Hurst said.
As Lopez fled the bus, Brinegar fired with his service weapon as well as a shotgun, Hurst said at a media briefing Thursday.
Asked about forecasts of close to 100 degree weather Saturday, Hurst said he expected such conditions would make it harder for the felon.
If he's still in this area he's getting real thirsty, and he's getting real hot and he's going to start being very uncomfortable if he's not already."
Hurst said that Lopez's white prison uniform had not yet been found but that it was still possible he could have changed his clothes.
He used some type of a device to cut out the bottom of that door.
When asked whether Lopez had help, Hurst said the investigation had not answered that yet.