Russian general who oversaw atrocities in Syria led cluster bomb attacks on civilians in Ukraine

Kharkiv, Ukraine (CNN) As she fetched drinking water for her family on a sunny but cold afternoon in late February, Margarita Kiriukhina tried to ignore the booms and thuds of Russian shelling nearby.
Margarita Kiriukhina was hospitalized for 10 days after she was wounded in a Russian cluster munition attack in Kharkiv.
And Ukraine is not the first battleground where Russian forces have deployed cluster munitions to devastating effect against civilians.
Smerch cluster rocket attacks in Kharkiv CNN investigated attacks on Kharkiv on February 27-28 and confirmed that 11 locations were impacted by cluster munitions.
In 2015, Russia's Defense Ministry denied using cluster munitions in Syria.
In Kharkiv, CNN spoke to dozens of eyewitnesses in several of the neighborhoods targeted by 11 Smerch rocket attacks that occurred on February 27 and 28.
CCTV footage shows Kharkiv residents fleeing for safety on February 28 as cluster munitions explode around them.
Credit: From Telegram, verified by CNNThey recalled the death and destruction that the cluster munitions wrought on their city.
What are cluster munitions?
Cluster munitions contain multiple explosives that are released over an area up to the size of several football fields.
Dr. Samer Attar treated cluster munition wounds in eastern Aleppo and traveled to Ukraine to treat injured people in Kharkiv.
With the end of the battle for Aleppo, Zhuravlyov left the helm of the Russian military in Syria and returned to Russia.