Monkeypox case confirmed in Singapore, two more suspected in South Korea

Singapore (CNN) Singapore has reported the first confirmed case of monkeypox in Southeast Asia during this year's outbreak -- while two further suspected cases of the disease have been found in South Korea.
The case in Singapore involves a British man who was in the city-state between June 15 and 17.
He tested positive for monkeypox on Monday after developing skin rashes and experiencing headaches and a fever last week.
"During this period, he had largely remained in his hotel room except to visit a massage establishment and eat at three food establishments on June 16," Singapore's Ministry of Health said Tuesday.
Thirteen of the man's close contacts have been identified and contact tracing is underway, the ministry said, adding that the man is being treated at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases.
In South Korea, one of the suspected cases involves a foreigner who entered the country on Monday and was taken to hospital in the city of Busan after experiencing symptoms and developing a blistering skin lesion.