Israeli airstrikes in Gaza kill 9, including senior lslamic Jihad leader

Jerusalem and Gaza (CNN) The Israeli military launched deadly strikes against what it described as Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza on Friday as tensions continue to rise between Israel and Palestinian militant groups.
Islamic Jihad said in a statement that one of its senior leaders, Tayseer Al Jabari, had been killed in an Israeli strike.
He was a commander in the Quds Brigade, the armed wing of Islamic Jihad, the group said, and a member of its Military Council.
The Palestinian health ministry said at least nine people were killed, including a five-year-old girl, and another 55 were injured.
A CNN producer in Gaza saw medics carrying two bodies out of a building called the Palestine Tower that had been hit in one of the strikes.
An Israeli army statement said the military operation -- which it called 'Breaking Dawn' -- was targeted Islamic Jihad, the smaller of the two main militant groups in Gaza.
A "special situation" has been declared in areas around Gaza, in anticipation of possible rocket fire, or other retaliatory attacks, the Israeli army said.