Female student killed by mob at Nigeria school over blasphemy claims

Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) A female student in northern Nigeria was killed by a mob who stoned, beat and set fire to her for allegedly posting a blasphemous statement against the Prophet Mohammed, according to police.
The girl, Deborah Yakubu, was surrounded by fellow students and attacked on Thursday, a police statement said.
The incident happened at the Shehu Shagari school in Sokoto, northwestern Nigeria, and the school was immediately closed.
Sokoto state's Governor Aminu Tambuwal issued an order to close the school and directed the Ministry of Higher Education and security agencies to investigate the incident.
"Sadly, this sort of consequence-free murder of people in the name of avenging 'blasphemy' has been going on for far too long in the North.
The Sokoto State government must immediately apprehend them and make an example of them.
Reverend Matthew Kukah of the Sokoto diocese said in a statement: "This has nothing to do with religion.
Christians have lived peacefully with their Muslim neighbours here in Sokoto over the years ...The law must take its course."
He told CNN that blasphemy does not exist under Nigeria's constitutional laws, although some northern Muslim states recognize it under Sharia law.
"The State government hides under a section of its Sharia laws that punishes inciteful statements or insulting statements to Prophet Muhammad.
There have been previous incidents of mobs attacking people for alleged blasphemy in Nigeria.
Rioting broke out over the newspaper ThisDay published an article about the pageant which was deemed insulting to Muslims.